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Superbad genre analysis sheet


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Superbad genre analysis sheet

  1. 1. Film title SuperbadDirector Greg MotollaYear 2007Genre ComedyArea of Analysis Example Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise en scene/editing)Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/NIf yes, how?Codes and conventionsMost of the film featuresfunny parts such as forexample when at the end thetwo friends are lying downwith each other and sayingthey love each other using afunny voice. There is twolittle scene of violence whenone of the characters getspunches in the face as he wasgoing to buy some booze.And at the party outside thehouse where one man beatsthe other onto the groundLaughter, bails and head Buts and violenceused in the movie. There is a lot of differenttypes of shots in the movie there was no fastpaced movements because there is no fastpaced act such as car chases etc. it was allnormal and tats what you intend to get in acomedyyes Yes because it is hilarious andwhen I first watched it I felt thateffect and I know that it breaksconformitySettingIn the city at school and ablock they were the settingsof the movie there were noother locations.They have corner shops and small blockedstreets and school in the movie these are thesettings in the movie.yes I think it breaks conformitybecause it was a suitable locationand it looks perfect becausewhen you see drunk teenagers ontheir way home in real life it wasthe same in the movie superbadand it feels real life to us becausesee that happen every night.CharacterThe characters are youngobviously because there stillat school and they arecasually dressed. They areThe main character the chubby one is verydesperate to have intercourse with onewoman he likes in the movie who is the mainfemale character in the film. He goes throughyes Character wise it breaksconformity because were youngand cool and fresh school boyslike how every person goes
  2. 2. also wild in fun wise inpartying and getting drunkthe process of buying the booze for her towitch does work out at the end of a longnight and after getting into bad situationsjust so he can get her drunk and do it withher.through in life and it was likelooking into a mirror because weused to do the stuff they do inthe movie and still do it .ThemesThey were on a mission tobuy the booze and they getinto trouble throughout themission.There was aLiquor store police car andpavements with long clean streets there wasa lot of M.S, l.S and a fewE.L.Syes They went through a ot oftrouble to get the booze liketrying a fake id which did notend up[ working and we do thataswell in real life so I think itbreak conformity based on that.NarrativeThree desperate friends wantintercourse with 3 differentwomen one of them teamsup with one of the girls nclass as a cooking partnerthen she finds out they weregetting a fake id and then sheasks him to buy her booze forher party and they spend allnight looking and getting intotrouble and the end of thenight they finally arrive to theparty with the booze and hefinds out that she does notwhat him.In the movie they use a lot of loud soundssuch as police sirens and loud party musicand the reason why they have put loud musicin the film is because the music relates toyoung audience who do the stuff in theirownlife on what they do in the film so forexample partying trying to buy booze withfake ids that’s what like 65% of the teenagepopulation do. In the sequence of the filmthere are no quick cuts the reason why thisis, is because it is an action they wont toshow everything at normal speed so they canlook at the comedy in the movie whereas if itwas a fast paced action /thriller then therewould be a lot of quick cuts to suit thegenres paceyes it breaks conformity because theyactually do this, this is whathappens in the movie.IconographyThe shop in the movie wasnamed liquor store and theycall it that in America theschool busses are yellow inAmerica as well as in themovie and the stands on theside of the football pitch isThe mise en scene of the movie was verybright and colourful throughout the wholemovie I think if it was raining it would not suitthe movie It has to be bright otherwise itwould not look good.yes It breaks conformity becausewhen I watched it looked veryAmerican because of the shopbeing named ‘ liquor store’ andthe school hand stands on theside of the football pitch.
  3. 3. Film title SuperbadDirector Greg MotollaYear 2007Genre Comedyalso what they have Americaand in the movie so bylooking at this I can easily tellthat the movie was filmed inthe United States of AmericaIdeological messageThe ideal message that themovie gave out is to ‘liveyour life while you’re young.’the reason why I think it gave this messageout to the people is because I felt that when Iwatched the movie they were in school sothey were young and they were doing abunch of crazy stuff buying boozeUsing a fake id and partying just what ateenager does and it attracted me because Iam a teenager not just me there a millions ofpeople who may of feel the same thing whenthey watch the movie.yes I know that it breaksconformity because itmade me feel like theywere sending out thesemessages ‘ live your lifewhile your young’because that’s whatthey were doinghaving fun.