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Speed genre analysis sheet


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Speed genre analysis sheet

  1. 1. Film title SpeedDirector Jan De BontYear 1994Genre Action, Crime, ThrillerArea of Analysis Example Technical feature (Camera/sound/mise en scene/editing)Conforms to genre? Y/N Breaks conformity? Y/NIf yes, how?Codes and conventionsIt is an action thriller film. The movie includes bombs gunfights andfighting scenes as you see in the screen whenyou watch the film. There are sounds such asscreaming noise from the passengers on thebus there are also gun shots and explosions.In the film there are a lot of quick cuts to behonest I am not surprised because mostaction movies out there use quick cuts tomake the movie look fast and be suitable forthe genre and that’s why they actually use it.yes It breaks conformity becauseit is an action thriller movieand it does live up to thatgenre.SettingIn the city and a airportrunwayThere are many sounds in this film such asscreaming noise explosions and gunshots itwill have to have these sounds to fit in withthe genre you’re not going to not have loudsounds in an action movie. In an action movieif you watch it carefully you will have alltypes of shots in the movies not just angleshots you will have quick cuts to speed upthe movie to make it look fast and to besuitable for the movie; action’. The movie isheld in America in a busy city then ends upon an airport runway.yes Setting wise it breaksconformity because it wasthe perfect location to beshot there were wide roadsrunways etc.CharacterThe main character is youngwho Is a cop.He uses a lot of profanity and shouts a lot heis slim ripped up hero good cop etc. he is agood cop who protects the civilians in the busyes Characteristic wise theychosen the perfect person toplay the part he is young
  2. 2. from having it explode with the passengersinside it.healthy looking, and brave.That’s why I think it breaksconformity.ThemesCrime, violence, and death The hero survives at the end and the villaindies with a server injuryyes It breaks conformity becausethere were a lot ofexplosions, gunshots,damage and death so I thinkit does conform.NarrativeNarrative structure The cop stops a robbery beforehand andlater on, the same man who robbery did notgo to plan puts a bomb on a bus and thesame cop who bust the robbery which is johntravern stops the bus from blowing upyes It breaks conformity becauseI have watched the movieand this is what exactlyhappens in the film.IconographyLeft hand drive and theaccent also the big roads.Everything within the screen in other wordsmise en scene looked American the reasonwhy I think this is first of all the weather isamazing and the big wide roads and in thebus the driver is on the left side if it was inthe UK then the driver should be in the righthand sideyes By watching the movie Iknew straight away that thefilm was shot in Americabecause of the roads andaccent so if I found that outby watching the movie then itdoes break conformity andthat’s what I think.Ideological messageThe message they aretrying to give out is ‘Besafe and cautious ’The reason why I think this is becausethroughout the movie there wasdanger everywhere, and people didnot even know it so as I was watchingit I thought to myself they need to besafe and have to caution everywherethey turn.Yes This breaks conformitybecause it does give thatmessage out and how itdoes is, there are a lot ofdestructions going on inthe film and the onlyway from preventingthat is by being safe andcautious thts the
  3. 3. Film title SpeedDirector Jan De BontYear 1994Genre Action, Crime, Thrillermessage I got fromwatching and analysingit.