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Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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  1. 1.  Basically the plot of the movie is about a character called Tony Stark who is played by RobertDowney JR., Im going to make it short and simple he wrestles inner deamonds while he iscontending with some monsters from his own creation this film carrys on right after theavengers event just after he entered another dimension to save New York City. The maincharacter Tony remains petrified by the past experience he was unable to sleep he was alwaysintense which ruins his relationship and mental health. In my opinion I think that this movie is targeted from the ages 13 to 40 year olds because it isan excellent movie on the other hand it connects to children because it is like a super hero tothem just as similar to superman and batman and children appeal to stuff like this such as thecostume he wears and the way he acts as a hero and children love to fantasize about that kindof stuff that‟s why I think it will be targeted at them also teenagers and adults because theymight want to go and take their younger brother or children to the movies to see it so it worksboth ways. The genre of this film I would say it will go under sci fi , Fantasy, Action sobasically it will be a hybrid movie all in one. The director of this movie is Shane black he alsodirected Lethal Weapon 2 and most of the films he has directed have been action so himhaving that experience from those other films he has directed in the past then directing IronMan 3 is superb looks incredible. The producers of the movie are Victoria Alonso, MitchellBell, Stephen Broussard etc. there are still more executive producers the reason why is becauseit‟s a very big difficult film to produce. The distributor of Iron Man 3 was Buena Vista and thebox office Takings are $174,144,585 the budget was $200,000,000 and the release date in the uk Was 18th April 2013
  2. 2. There are all sorts of advertising/promoting the first and main one is TV. It is very expensive toadvertise on TV but its great for advertising and if you to promote then this is the best way everybodysee‟s it. Another way of Advertising is through website it is not as good as TV because some peopleCan‟t be bothered or do not have time to go on their computers and enter the Websites to find outdates of the film. They want it spoken to them for example again on TV it will be spoken to theminstead of them having to read it out. The cinemas is a superb way for advertising because people whogo in to a cinema and wait there for their film to start then because there are so many adverts before thefilms play in the cinema there bound to see the advertisement because there not going to leave becausethey for a ticket for the movie so that‟s why I think advertising in the cinema is a great way. Billboardsis a good way for advertising if your going to place it in a convenient place such as facing oncomingtraffic near a motorway then it will be good because loads of cars will be driving part it they would notmiss it if you invest in a big billboard. You get some movies that advertise by posters but not as muchas they used too back in the day these days its all TV and internet in our days you advertise music withposters live gigs and concerts. So I wont recommend posters advertising a film. Magazines hardlyanyone buys movie magazines all they buy is sports and health magazines so in my opinion I wouldnot buy a magazine too see what films are out. The internet like I said before some people maybe mostof the people do not have time to go onto the internet to look at what films are out. Word of mouth is agood way you hear everybody talking about it when a knew film is about to come out but it‟s not a bigadvertisement such as being on TV they can actually see the trailer and hear about it at the same timeand that‟s what wins customers over
  3. 3. On the task sheet I have went through and read all the articles analysing it and what they were sayingWas they were selling the film like basically giving all the information in a good way making themWant to see the film so basically they are persuading people to go see this tremendous film why I thinkThis is because as I was going through them reading the articles they actually persuaded me to go andWatch it because it sounds interesting after you gone though the articles. In the article they are talkingAbout how it progresses from the last iron man which was avengers and carrying onto iron man 3, so atAt that point they are basically saying it is better than iron man avengers and I quote “Clearly it hadprogressed past the kiss at the end of “Iron Man 2” this is my evidence that it says it click on the link andYou will find it. It‟s funny the way the article begins if you click on the link and look at it the first line saysAnd I quote “Kevin Feige, the producer behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, returns once again totake you behind the action of the Marvels Iron Man 3” see how the article opens up as the conclusionThis is to get the attention of the readers because if you start of good then they are going to want to carryOn because they know it‟s going to be interesting as they go through it because of the way they started. ThatQuote is my evidence and I can honestly say that this article and the movie is attracted me the reasonHow I know this is because I carried on and read the article till the end and I do not read articles I will tellYou that but this appealed to me because it sounded interesting and I wanted to finish the article same goesFor the movie the way they were speaking of it me personally I think iron man all the movies are to childishFor me but that change till after I have read the article and had seen the trailer know I am going to have toGo and watch it. Then as you go on through the article they start to talk about how they pump up theCharacters getting them excited to star the shoot so they can be ready and comfortable and get in character.I have picked out a quote from the article “setting up the character, or getting the best out of anyof the cast that had been in the prior movies and even technical things” this is evidence to showthat my point is true. Me personally I like to see films in the cinemas then go home jump on YouTube andWatch the behind the scenes of the movie it interest me because I would like to know how they made itBecause when you watching a film and you see a stunt for example that no one could perform in real lifeYou are going to want to find out how the hell they did that that‟s when behind the scenes footage comes intoPlay.
  4. 4. The term Anchorage in the Media industry means the visual effect of any kind ofAdvertisement that makes the reader want to go on and seek the advert or article to the endIt is called (Anchorage) the reason why the look of an advert is the most important thing is becauseThey they have to stand out to get the attention of an audience if it looks boring then there not goingTo go bother and watch the movie
  5. 5. GadgetGadgetGadgetGadgetBy looking at this poster of a movieThe first thing you are going to think is„WOW‟ I am going to watch this movieI really think the artwork is amazing and itIs attracting just like the article and the trailerTo go and see the movie. If I get this feelingAnd im 18 years old imagineThe response children will beGetting of this poster this man in the poster isSuper hero to children that‟s what they thinkSuper man , batman and Spiderman they nowHave an knew hero calledIron Man. The reason whyChildren get that feeling is because theyDo not know „CGI‟ exists and it stands for() they think that he can fly and pick heavyObjects and have super powers just like all theThe other marvel superheros, it‟s allFake but they do not know that becauseThere still young it‟s just like Santa Claus he isFake yet they do not know that you don‟tWant to upset a child so let them decideI their real or not. The other reason whyChildren get that effect isBecause is because of the costumeIt looks incredible and they have them inSome retail stores children will see them andAsk for their parents to buy it for them because they would love to be iron man not just him super manSpider man they all want to be the same we were all the same when we were at that age these are things thatThe children and make them wanting to go and see the movie.