Alternative sources of energy


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Alternative sources of energy

  1. 1. ALTERNATIVE SOURCES OF ENERGY • Wind Energy • Geothermal Energy • Hydro-electricity • Biofuel • Solar Energy
  2. 2. WIND ENERGY Flowing wind can be used to turn turbines for the generation of electricity. A typical wind tower consists 2 to 3 blades which turn a shaft increasing rotation speed and converting into electrical energy.
  3. 3. …WIND ENERGY Vertical axis and horizontal axis are two different kinds of wind generators. The wind generation tower has various heights.
  4. 4. …WIND ENERGY The potential energy of wind is converted into kinetic energy as electricity. China, USA and Germany are top three wind power generators of the world.
  5. 5. HYDROELECTRICITY Hydroelectricity has been generated from flowing water for many years. Electricity is generated from storing water in a reservoir and releasing it to turbines, run-off River and pumping water at height and releasing it to turn the turbine.
  6. 6. …HYDROELECTRICITY Around 20% of the world’s electricity is generated from hydropower.
  7. 7. BIO FUEL Biofuel, alternative source of energy, has been used to replace conventional fuels. Biofuels are renewable sources of energy produced from biological materials such as sugarcane, corn, cellulose or vegetable oils.
  8. 8. …BIO FUEL Ethanol and biodiesel are common biofuels. Ethanol can be used as a direct source of energy and combined with gasoline to produce effective results.
  9. 9. …BIO FUEL Biodiesel is a biodegradable fuel which can replace traditional diesel fuel. Technology has been developed to use algae as a biofuel.
  10. 10. GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Heat of the earth can be a source of electricity known as geothermal energy. Geothermal reservoir made up of hot water heated by magma deep inside the earth, is a source of electricity.
  11. 11. …GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Steam rising from the hot water is used to turn the turbine producing electricity. More than 20 countries of the world are producing geothermal energy and US is the largest producer.
  12. 12. …GEOTHERMAL ENERGY Iceland has highest potential of geothermal energy and 26% of the electricity is produced from geothermal energy in the country.
  13. 13. SOLAR ENERGY Electricity produced from solar energy is alternative to finite sources of energy such as coal and oil. Solar power installation at home or small offices has been increasing in the past decades.
  14. 14. …SOLAR ENERGY Micro scale solar power generation is effective to reduce fossil fuel dependence, minimize environmental pollution and meet increasing energy demand.
  15. 15. …SOLAR ENERGY Household energy production has advantages of reducing energy losses during the transmission from central power station. Silicon is used as a semiconductor material in the solar cells.
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