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Road Map- Social Media


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Published in: Technology
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Road Map- Social Media

  1. Time spentper personper monthonFacebook =
  2. Lets Start With Faceboo
  3. Facebook… Continued  Take advantage of email lists (or start building one.)  Make your fans feel special.  Stop talking about yourself.
  4. Facebook… Continued Use your other marketing and communication channels. Don’t assume your Twitter audience is your Facebook audience too. Facebook users love photos and videos Keep it professional
  5. Amount of “tweets”that are posted daily=
  6. Moving onto Twitter
  7. Twitter… Continued Tweet updates and special offers. Demonstrate wider leadership and know- how. Be Professional and Personable
  8. Tweet a few times a day and space them out.80/20 Rule.What to TrackWho to Follow Twitter… Continued
  9. Users World Wide =
  10. Add a description IdentifyClaim your the venue to Employeebusiness s Up Next…Foursquare
  11. Foursquare…Continued Create a campaign Reward loyal customers Engage your customers
  12. Foursquare….Continued Put up foursquare signage reminding customer to “Check In”. Monitor for duplicate or incorrect information. Run two specials at once. Try new things.
  13. How to measure Social ConversationMedia ROI Business Participation Reputation and Brand Awareness SEO Ranking Measure Sales Define goalsMeasure Traffic
  14. Key Takeawaysand Items to keepin mindInclude links to social sites on website (and key placement)Getting employees on board (Best Brand Advocates)