Ethical Social Media Marketing for Lawyers


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Natalie Alesi and Samantha Collier share the top channels for legal, top tips for gaining full client attention and legal ethics gotchas.

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Ethical Social Media Marketing for Lawyers

  1. Ethical Social MediaMarketing for Lawyers:Tips and StrategiesWhen: June 20, 2013 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM ESTSpeakers: Natalie Alesi and Samantha Collier
  2. Agenda1.  Social Media for Law Firms Overview2.  Which Social Media Platforms to Focus On3.  Social Media Scheduling4.  Social Media Ethics for Lawyers
  3. Social Media Overviewfor Lawyers
  4. Your potential clients expect to find youonline via your website and socialnetworks.
  5. Lawyers are using social media to buildtheir reputation AKA social influence.
  6. Social media is different than traditionallegal marketing.
  7. Your competition is using social media, trust me.
  8. Conversations must beauthentic when using socialmedia.
  9. Lawyers are using social media tosuper-charge their event attendance.
  10. What are law firms doing in 2013?Video Bios & YouTube Channels Engaging on LinkedIn & Twitter Publishing Content Via Blogs
  11. Social Media Platforms andScheduling Tools forLawyers
  12. Lawyers Use LinkedIn Because:•  Their  clients  are  using  LinkedIn.  According  to  Kevin  O’Keefe,  9  out  of  10  use  execu@ves  oAen.  •  Clients  and  poten@al  clients  want  to  research  you  on  LinkedIn.  •  It’s  known  as  the  “business”  social  network  and  people  are  joining  at  a  rate  of  two  people  per  second.    
  13. Don’t Forget to Optimize Your Profile:  ü  Professional  picture  you  wouldn’t  mind  your  grandmother  seeing  ü  A  catchy  headline  that  describes  your  prac@ce  ü  U@lize  your  summary  sec@on  and  include  keywords  describing  the  type  of  work  you  want  (SEO)  ü  Add  all  of  your  contact  informa@on    ü  Customize  your  URL  hSp://  ü  Add  your  previous  employment  and  educa@on  ü  Join  some  groups    
  14. Lawyers Use Twitter Because:•  Keep  up  to  date  regarding  news  and  current  events  •  Network  with  colleagues,  poten@al  clients  and  referral  sources  •  Share  your  blog  posts,  3rd  party  ar@cles  and  other  interes@ng  content  to  build  expert  reputa@on  •  Engage  in  real  @me  conversa@on  
  15. Lawyers Use Facebook Because:•  The  number  one  source  of  work  is  word-­‐of-­‐mouth  referrals  and  recommenda@ons.  Your  Facebook  network  is  full  of  family,  friends,  school  chums,  colleagues,  etc.  •  You  can  easily  share  work  related  content  a  couple  @mes  a  week  so  if  the  need  arises  for  your  services,  your  name  comes  to  mind.    •  You  should  create  a  Facebook  Page  for  your  firm  at  the  very  least.    
  16. Lawyers Use Google+ Because:•  It  has  become  the  second  largest  social  network.  •  The  audience  is  different  than  the  other  social  channels.  •  You  can  create  Communi@es.  •  It  helps  with  your  Author  Rank  and  establishes  Authorship.  
  17. Social Media Management Tools:•  All  you  to  easily  filter  conversa@ons  based  on  your  interests.  •  You  have  the  ability  to  schedule  posts  during  the  week  when  you  have  the  @me  to  manage  your  accounts.  •  You  can  access  these  on  your  mobile  devices  for  quick  easy  reading,  sharing  and  having  those  conversa@ons.    
  18. Social Media Ethicsfor Lawyers.
  19. What do the rules and ethicsopinions say about lawyersuse of social media?
  20. Bland v. Roberts –A Facebook“like” is not constitutionallyprotected speech
  21. Six states passed legislationregarding employers access toemployee/applicant social mediaaccounts
  22. Despite lawyers’ fears, states are receiving few, ifany, bar complaints arising out of lawyers use ofthe Internet for marketing and businessdevelopment. Grievances related to lawyers’marketing efforts are arising out of non internet-based activities. ~Kevin O’Keefe
  23. PhoneDog LLC v NoahKravitzEmployer-­‐employee  li@ga@on    over  ownership  of  social  media    accounts  
  24. Virginia Court: First Amendmentprotection for lawyer-bloggers
  25. Can lawyers friend a judge onFacebook?ANDIs being connected to opposingcounsel a problem?
  26. California  Rules  of  Professional  Conduct  
  27. ASorney  may  post  informa@on  about  her  prac@ce  on  Facebook,  TwiSer,  or  other  social  media  websites,  but  those  pos@ngs  may  be  subject  to  compliance  with  rule  1-­‐400  if  their  content  can  be  considered  to  be  “concerning  the  availability  for  professional  employment.”  Such  communica@ons  also  may  be  subject  to  the  relevant  sec@ons  of  California  Business  and  Professions  Code  sec@ons  6157  et  seq.  CONCLUSION  
  28. Do LinkedInEndorsementsViolate LegalEthics?
  29. What constitutes dispensingadvice on social channels?
  30. Can a lawyer advise a client inlitigation to delete their profile?
  31. If you do use social media for promoting yourlaw firm or yourself, you must comply with thegeneral regulations set forth in lawyeradvertising rules…
  32. If you protect your tweets and someone hassigned up to receive your information, do therules apply?
  33. Internet Defamation—What Can You DoWhen You Are the Target?
  34. List of Dont’s
  35. Don’t post misleading information: pastresults, promised results and testimonials
  36. Don’t make statements that characterizethe quality of your legal services
  37. Lawyer is responsible for the content for theinformation they post on their page but is notresponsible for information posted on theirpage by a 3rd party, unless the lawyer usesthe 3rd party content to break advertisingrules.
  38. Mobile State Bar AppsHawaii,  Maryland,  New  York,  Ohio,  Virginia  and  more  recently  Arizona  
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