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True colors Personality Test


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Published in: Education

True colors Personality Test

  1. 1. True Colors 1) Reading across in ROWS, rank the group of words on a scale of 1-4 where 1= least likely to describe you and 4= most likely to describe you. 2) When all rows are complete, add up the numbers in each COLUMN to get your score for each color. Active Opportunistic Spontaneous Parental Traditional Responsible Authentic Harmonious Compassionate Versatile Inventive Competent Competitive Impetuous Impactful Practical Sensible Dependable Unique Empathetic Communicative Curious Conceptual Knowledgeable Realistic Open-Minded Adventuresome Loyal Conservative Organized Devoted Warm Poetic Theoretical Seeking Ingenious Daring Impulsive Fun Concerned Procedural Cooperative Tender Inspirational Dramatic Determined Complex Composed Exciting Courageous Skillful Orderly Conventional Caring Vivacious Affectionate Sympathetic Philosophical Principled Rational Total ORANGE Total GOLD Total BLUE Total GREEN