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Rocky Road Map


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A visual image that shows the various ways students can experience and learn about public policy and leadership - both inside of the classroom and out.

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Rocky Road Map

  1. 1. ROCKEFELLER at DARTMOUTH Your gateway to public policy Find out more about the Rockefeller Center’s programs at http:// Keep in touch and up-to-date. PUBLIC POLICY MINOR — Core Courses • PBPL 40 “The Economics of Public Policymaking” • PBPL 41 “Writing and Speaking Public Policy” • PBPL 42 “Ethics and Public Policy” • PBPL 45 “Introduction to Public Policy Research” • PBPL 47 “Foundations of Leadership” • PBPL 48 “Policy Analysis and Local Governance” PUBLIC POLICY MINOR — Topical Courses • Three topical courses, including a seminar Customized policy tracks in health, education, environment, leadership, poverty, law, urban issues, or a topic of your own design • PBPL 91 “Independent Study in Public Policy” DISCUSSION • Rocky Business and Entrepreneurial Leaders • PoliTALK • Rocky VoxMasters • Career Advising TRAINING • Public Policy Internship leave-term funding • Student Workshops • Create Your Path RESEARCH & WRITING • Policy Research Shop • Senior Honors Thesis Grants • Dartmouth-Oxford Exchange at Keble College LEADERSHIP • Management and Leadership Development Program • Rockefeller Leadership Fellows • Global Leadership LIFE BEYOND DARTMOUTH LAW POLITICS PUBLIC SERVICE JOURNALISM NGOS POLICY ANALYSIS ADVOCACY ENTREPRENEURSHIP FIRST-YEAR FELLOWS PROGRAM Learning & Living Public Policy • PBPL 5 “Introduction to Public Policy” (winter) • STATISTICS or METHODS PREREQUISITE in any social science department (fall, winter, or spring) • CIVIC SKILLS TRAINING Five-day intensive training program in Washington, DC, for first-year students (June) • WASHINGTON, DC INTERNSHIP with a Dartmouth mentor. Special internship opportunities with NGOs, government, nonprofits, media, and more (summer) First-in-the-nation nh primary & general election • presidential candidates, debates, forums, etc. Rockefeller Public Events • Distinguished scholars, political figures, journalists, NGO leaders, analysts, and more Curricu lar Co-Curric ular