Named Internship Profile Summary - Samuel Marullo (McSpadden)


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Named Internship Profile Summary - Samuel Marullo (McSpadden)

  1. 1. [MCSPADDEN FUND PUBLIC POLICY INTERN PROFILE] Sam Marullo ’13 graduated from Fayetteville-Manlius High School in Manlius, NY, where he was a National Merit Scholar and a National AP Scholar. At Dartmouth, Marullo is double majoring in Government and Mathematics. He works as a Presidential Scholar for Professor Deborah Brooks and as a Student Consultant at the IT Walk-In Center. He is also part of the Technical Team and the Student Advisory Group for the Blitz-2-Blitz Project. Marullo spent last spring studying abroad in Barcelona and will spend next winter at Oxford University through the Rockefeller Center’s Keble Exchange. Last summer, Marullo worked at Policy Directions in Washington, DC as a Rockefeller Center First Year Fellow.He is involved in many different activities on campus, such as the Collis Governing Board,Dartmouth Model United Nations, and PoliTALK. In Fall 2011, Marullo will be interning with thePresident’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.Samuel was funded by The Rockefeller Center for a Fall 2011 Internship, with generous supportfrom the The McSpadden Public Affairs Internship Fund.Executive Summary from Samuel’s final report:The Presidents Council on Jobs and Competitiveness is an independent advisory board to thePresident of the U.S. Chaired by General Electric C.E.O. Jeff Immelt, the Jobs Council iscomposed of leaders in business and academia, and its mission is to suggest objective, non-partisan solutions for improving the economy, creating jobs in America, and improving the competitiveness of the American workforce. “I was writing every day in my internship. Rockefeller’s Civic During my internship at the Jobs Council, I researched and Skills Training on writing wrote on a variety of topics including entrepreneurship, prepared me well-enough to workforce development, and regulatory policy among others. Additionally, I helped plan listening-and-action sessions consistently get compliments throughout the country for Jobs Council members and on the quality of my writing.” administration officials, coordinated a meeting of the full
  2. 2. Council with President Obama, helped monitor various news sources for relevant articles, andwrote and helped proofread numerous briefing and informational memos. I was writing everyday in my internship. Writing a policy brief or memo is very different from writing for anacademic setting. Rockefeller’s Civic Skills Training on writing prepared me well-enough toconsistently get compliments on the quality of my writing.The internship has helped further shape my thoughts towards my future. I enjoyed theexperience of working in public service, and I now expect that I will spend at least part of mycareer in government. Speaking with other employees at Treasury has also given me a broaderunderstanding of potential options for graduate school. While I still expect to attend graduateschool eventually, I do not believe that I will attend immediately after my graduation fromcollege. In particular, I am now less interested in attending law school and more interested inearning a master’s degree in economics. Samuel Marullo at his President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness at the U.S. Department of the Treasury internship in Washington, D.C.