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MLDP Program Syllabus


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MLDP Program Syllabus

  1. 1. 1           Management  and  Leadership  Development  Program  (MLDP)   Program  Syllabus   Spring  2015     MLDP  Staff:       Robin  Frye,  Sadhana  Hall,  Dan  Fang  ’15,  Invo  Chami  ’16,  and  Mary  Sieredzinski  ’17     E-­‐mail:         About  the  Program     Description   The  Management  and  Leadership  Development  Program  (MLDP)  aims  to  help  participants  develop  their   management  skills  and  help  them  to  become  more  effective  in  professional  settings  in  preparation  for   leadership.    MLDP  provides  participants  with  opportunities  to  develop  both  a  set  of  practical  skills  and  also  a   theoretical  framework  with  which  to  approach  management  and  leadership.     Effective  leadership  begins  with  a  keen  sense  of  awareness  of  self  and  of  situations,  and  effective  leaders  draw   upon  a  strong  foundation  of  skills,  knowledge,  and  other  resources,  such  as  their  networks.    Effective   leadership  is  also  based  upon  the  core  values  of  integrity,  authenticity,  ethical  and  appropriate  behavior,  and   responsibility  to  community.     MLDP  trains  participants  within  the  framework  that,  in  order  to  understand  and  lead  others  effectively,   individuals  must  understand  and  lead  themselves  effectively  first.     MLDP  will  provide  participants  with  ample  opportunities  to  further  engage  with  the  Rockefeller  Center,  during   and  after  completing  the  program.               Teaching  Methods   This  program  is  grounded  in  “learning  by  doing.”    MLDP  was  rigorously  designed  based  upon  extensive   research  in  the  areas  of  leadership  development  in  higher  education  settings  and  skills  desired  by  employers   among  entry-­‐level  applicants.    Each  session  will  utilize  the  “Kolb  Cycle  of  Learning,”  where  participants  will   conceptualize,  experiment,  act,  and  reflect  on  these  skills  in  order  to  facilitate  learning.     This  teaching  method  will  require  you  to  consider  how  you  are  utilizing  your  management  and  leadership  skills   and  actively  try  new  techniques  in  each  session.    Afterwards,  you  will  be  provided  with  various  structured   opportunities  to  process  the  experience  and  you  are  encouraged  to  plan  out  how  you  will  test  and  apply  these   skills  in  different  situations.     The  structure  of  the  program  every  week  will  involve  speakers  sharing  their  expertise  by  presenting  on   particular  topics  related  to  management  and  leadership.    Speakers  will  employ  a  variety  of  activities,  exercises,   and  simulations  to  allow  you  to  experiment  and  practice  those  skills.    Commonly,  sessions  will  incorporate   group  discussion  following  the  activity  to  identify  key  takeaways  and  reflect  on  the  concepts.      
  2. 2. 2 Expectations  and  Program  Completion  Requirements     Our  expectations  are  simple:   • Have  fun,  learn  a  lot,  and  support  each  other.   • Explore  your  sense  of  integrity,  authenticity,  and  commitment  to  a  cause  greater  than  yourself   during  this  program.    These  are  three  key  leadership  concepts  that  we  encourage  you  to  keep  in  the   forefront  during  this  program.   • Participate.    We  will  have  discussions,  activities,  and  time  for  reflection.    These  are  all  opportunities  for   you  to  engage  and  improve  your  management  and  leadership  skills.       • Be  present.    The  first  part  of  leadership  is  showing  up,  both  physically  and  mentally.    The  program   benefits  as  a  whole  when  you  are  engaged  and  present  for  each  session.       • Come  prepared.    This  might  mean  doing  some  readings  or  quick  assessments  as  assigned  (see   “Assignments”  section  below  for  more  detail).   • Be  accountable.    This  means  holding  yourself  accountable  and  as  well  as  others.    Responsibility  of  this   learning  environment  is  shared.   • If  you  must  be  absent  for  one  of  our  sessions,  be  sure  to  blitz as  soon  as   possible.    Remember  that  first  and  foremost,  this  is  a  management  and  leadership  development   program,  and  being  communicative  about  anytime  your  involvement  is  limited  in  this  program  is  good   practice.   • Think  of  yourself  as  a  problem-­‐solver.    If  you  notice  an  issue  or  have  a  suggestion,  we’d  greatly   appreciate  it  if  you  offer  feedback  in  a  constructive  manner.    There  will  be  opportunities  for  you  to   provide  your  feedback  in  response  questions  that  we  may  ask  in  our  weekly  surveys,  and  you  should   also  feel  free  to  blitz  at  any  time.     Participation     Program  Schedule:   We  have  amazing  speakers  in  MLDP.    Our  full  schedule  can  be  found  on  canvas  using  the  link  above.    These   session  descriptions  include  session  dates,  content  previews,  learning  objectives,  and  speaker  names  and  bios.         Sections   MLDP  is  split  into  two  sections  that  meet  every  Tuesday.  The  first  section  meets  from  4pm-­‐6pm.  Dinner  starts   at  6pm.  The  second  section  meets  from  6pm-­‐8pm.    Dinner  starts  at  5:30pm.  Be  sure  to  block  out  time  on  your   calendars  to  be  at  MLDP!  Please  see  the  Canvas  site  if  you  are  unsure  of  what  section  you  are  in.     Dinner   Dinner  (yes,  dinner!)  is  provided  in  MLDP.    We  will  have  multiple  different  table  setups  for  dinner  so  that  you   can  network  with  each  other  and  have  discussions  in  small  groups.    Please  remember  this  is  great  opportunity   to  meet  your  fellow  participants  in  MLDP.     Food  will  be  ordered  from  local  restaurants  and  vendors  and  we  will  do  our  best  to  ensure  that  there  is   enough  for  everyone.    However,  please  note  that  we  are  also  balancing  food  costs  in  our  budget,  and  we  are   striving  to  minimize  food  waste.        
  3. 3. 3 Session  Flow   Each  Tuesday  evening  session  will  follow  a  general  pattern  (with  the  exception  of  the  first  session  that  takes   place  from  6pm-­‐8pm  with  dinner  at  5:30pm):     Section  One   4:00pm  -­‐  4:15pm   or   4:00pm  -­‐  4:30pm   Announcements  and  brief  discussion  led  by  MLDP  Staff.  Unless  the  session  has  started   promptly  at  4:00pm.         4:00pm  -­‐  6:00pm   or   4:30pm  -­‐  6:00pm   Speaker  Introduction  by  a  participant  and  session  led  by  speaker.       Sessions  will  include  lecture  and  interactive  group  activities.   5:45pm  -­‐  6:00pm   Sometimes  we  will  have  brief  announcements  about  preparing  for  next  week  and   there  may  be  an  opportunity  to  meet  the  speaker  and  ask  questions  one-­‐on-­‐one,  if   desired.   Surveys  will  be  sent  via  SurveyMonkey  to  your  e-­‐mail  address.   6:00pm  –  6:30pm   Dinner  usually  in  Hinman  Forum   Participants  will  have  dinner  discussions  or  activities  in  small  groups.     Section  Two   5:30pm  -­‐  6:00pm   Dinner  usually  in  Hinman  Forum   Participants  will  have  dinner  discussions  or  activities  in  small  groups.   6:00pm  -­‐  6:15pm   or   6:00pm  -­‐  6:30pm   Announcements  and  brief  discussion  led  by  MLDP  Staff.  Unless  the  session  has  started   promptly  at  6:00pm.         6:00pm  -­‐  8:00pm   or   6:30pm  -­‐  8:00pm   Speaker  Introduction  by  a  participant  and  session  led  by  speaker.       Sessions  will  include  lecture  and  interactive  group  activities.   7:45pm  -­‐  8:00pm   Sometimes  we  will  have  brief  announcements  about  preparing  for  next  week  and   there  may  be  an  opportunity  to  meet  the  speaker  and  ask  questions  one-­‐on-­‐one,  if   desired.   Surveys  will  be  sent  via  SurveyMonkey  to  your  e-­‐mail  address.     Assignments:   There  will  be  a  few  assignments  during  this  program  that  will  allow  us  to  focus  more  on  our  activities  during   our  sessions  and  keep  things  interactive.    These  short  assessments  and  readings  will  be  fairly  brief,  and  you   will  be  fully  expected  to  complete  them.         Speaker  Introductions:  Sign  Up  Here   Each  speaker  will  be  introduced  by  a  program  participant.    Introductions  should  last  about  1-­‐2  minutes  only.     This  is  a  fantastic  opportunity  to  step  up  and  practice  your  public  speaking,  as  well  as  help  to  welcome  our   speaker  to  the  program.       There  is  a  sign-­‐up  sheet  available  on  Canvas.    If  you  sign  up  to  introduce  a  speaker,  you  should  reach  out  to  the   speaker  directly  via  e-­‐mail  so  that  you  may  better  prepare  yourself.    We  highly  encourage  you  to  try  to  ‘go   beyond  the  bio’  and  find  out  more  about  why  these  speakers  feel  that  their  session  is  particularly  relevant  to   management  and  leadership.    We  also  encourage  you  to  draw  connections  to  the  themes  in  MLDP,  at   Dartmouth,  and  current  events  as  relevant.    Most  of  all,  remember  that  your  responsibility  is  to  warmly   welcome  our  speaker  and  help  fellow  participants  become  excited  about  the  upcoming  session.      
  4. 4. 4 Session  Recaps:  Sign  Up  Here   Each  session  will  require  a  blog  post  written  by  a  program  participant.    These  recaps  should  be  2-­‐3  paragraphs   at  most  and  recount  the  writers  experience  in  the  session.    This  is  a  fantastic  opportunity  to  step  up  and   practice  your  writing  and  have  it  published!     There  is  a  sign-­‐up  sheet  available  on  Canvas.    If  you  sign  up  to  recap  a  session,  you  should  take  thorough   notes.    We  highly  encourage  you  to  try  to  go  beyond  summarizing  the  session  and  explain  what  resonated   with  you  and  why.     Session  Surveys   Following  each  session,  you  will  get  an  opportunity  to  provide  your  feedback  about  the  session  directly  to   MLDP  staff  and  our  speakers  through  a  SurveyMonkey  evaluation.    Each  survey  should  take  about  5  minutes   to  complete,  and  will  be  due  within  24-­‐hours  of  the  sessions  end.     MLDP  Staff  will  be  able  to  view  your  feedback  complete  with  your  name  and  contact  information.    In  contrast,   however,  your  feedback  will  be  made  anonymous  when  it  is  shared  with  our  speakers.    Despite  this,  be   mindful  that  this  feedback  process  itself  is  a  practice  in  workplace  preparation  –  your  comments  are  expected   to  be  constructive,  thoughtful,  and  professional,  whether  it  is  positive  or  negative,  much  like  the  feedback  you   might  provide  in  a  workplace  setting.         Completing  the  Program:­‐assignment     There  are  three  requirements  to  complete  the  program:   1. You  must  attend  at  least  7  full  sessions  out  of  the  9  sessions.  If  you  miss  more  than  2  sessions,  then   you  are  not  eligible  to  complete  the  program.    Note  that  attendance  is  defined  as  being  present  during   the  entire  session  and  completing  the  follow-­‐up  survey  that  will  be  sent  to  you.    These  surveys  will   help  you  to  reflect  on  the  sessions  and  provide  the  speakers  with  direct  feedback.       2. Complete  the  end-­‐of-­‐term  survey.   3. Submit  an  end-­‐of-­‐term  memo  (which  we  will  refer  to  as  a  SWOC  memo  and  explain  towards  the  end  of   the  program).       Completing  the  Program  with  Distinction   To  complete  MLDP  with  distinction  (see  section  below  about  benefits  of  completing  with  distinction),  you   must  complete  a  Personal  Case  Study  and  submit  your  case  study  to  MLDP.    We  will  explain  the  Personal  Case   Study  guidelines  during  Week  2  and  post  those  guidelines  to  Canvas  at  that  time.    This  case  study  will  be   reviewed  for  quality  and  depth  –  submitting  a  case  study  that  lacks  quality  and  depth  will  not  be  sufficient  to   complete  with  distinction.       If  you  are  not  able  to  Meet  the  Completion  Requirements   Individuals  who  are  not  able  to  meet  completion  requirements  within  a  given  term  may  be  invited  to   participate  in  MLDP  in  upcoming  terms.    You  must  fully  participate  in  the  MLDP  within  one  single  term  to   complete  the  program.     Benefits  of  Completing  MLDP  at  the  Rockefeller  Center   Participating  in  this  program  will  help  you  to  become  a  more  effective  manager  and  leader.             There  are  additional  benefits,  as  well.    MLDP  is  a  great  way  to  become  involved  at  Rocky,  both  during  the   program  and  after  completion.    The  Rockefeller  Center  has  multiple  opportunities  for  students  to  become   involved  with  leadership  training  and  to  develop  subject  expertise  in  public  policy  through  our  curricular  and   research  programs,  as  well  as  the  public  policy  (PBPL)  minor.              
  5. 5. 5     Successful  completion  of  MLDP  is  a  prerequisite  to  become  a  paid  student  assistant  at  the  Rockefeller  Center.   MLDP  will  also  strengthen  students'  applications  for  Rockefeller  Center  funding  for  unpaid  public  policy   internships  and  other  Rockefeller  Center  programs,  such  as  the  Rockefeller  Global  Leadership  Program  (RGLP)   and  the  Rockefeller  Leadership  Fellows  (RLF)  Program.    All  students  who  complete  MLDP  are  recognized  with  a   certificate  of  completion  and  are  included  on  our  website.     Participants  who  complete  MLDP  “with  distinction”  will  continue  to  benefit  from  this  distinction  during  the   rest  of  their  undergraduate  career  at  Dartmouth.    Students  who  complete  with  distinction  are  eligible  for   further  opportunities  which  can  include,  but  not  be  limited  to:  opportunities  to  attend  a  reception  with  our   Board  of  Visitors,  and  be  provided  with  a  note  on  your  Rockefeller  Leadership  Fellows  application  for   recommended  consideration.    Participants  who  complete  with  distinction  will  also  be  recognized  in  a  news   update  on  our  website.     Resources     Program  Materials  on  Canvas:   All  program  participants  will  be  invited  to  our  Canvas  page.    This  Canvas  page  will  be  an  important  source  of   information,  containing  weekly  session  descriptions,  speaker  bios,  assignments,  and  more.    Please  familiarize   yourself  with  our  page  and  consider  this  a  central  source  of  information  related  to  this  program.    Along  with   other  program  materials,  we  will  keep  the  calendar,  assignments,  and  syllabus  up-­‐to-­‐date  on  this  page.         Facebook  Group  and  Instagram   Facebook:         Instagram:  Follow:  @rockymldp   To  keep  everyone  excited  with  more  resources  and  discussion  on  issues  about  management  and  leadership,  all   MLDP  participants  are  invited  to  join  the  MLDP  Facebook  group  and  follow  the  MLDP  Instragram  account.  The   Facebook  group  is  meant  to  provide  an  informal  space  for  everyone  to  share  resources,  talk  more  about  past   sessions  or  experiences,  and  get  to  know  one  another  better.  The  Instragram  account  is  meant  to  promote   excitement  and  a  sense  of  cohesion  between  the  two  sections.  The  Facebook  group  includes  all  MLDP  alumni   we  invite  you  to  continue  to  share  your  thoughts  on  management  and  leadership  as  you  continue  at   Dartmouth  and  in  your  future  careers.     Student  Needs   Students  with  disabilities  enrolled  in  this  program  and  who  may  need  disability-­‐related  academic  adjustments   and  services  are  encouraged  to  see  MLDP  staff  privately  as  early  as  possible  in  the  term.  Students  requiring   disability-­‐related  academic  adjustments  and  services  must  consult  the  Student  Accessibility  Services  office  (301   Collis  Center,  646-­‐9900,  Once  SAS  has  authorized  services,   students  must  show  the  originally  signed  SAS  Services  and  Consent  Form  and/or  a  letter  on  SAS  letterhead  to   the  appropriate  Dartmouth  staff  member.  As  a  first  step,  if  students  have  questions  about  whether  they  qualify   to  receive  academic  adjustments  and  services,  they  should  contact  the  SAS  office.  All  inquiries  and  discussions   will  remain  confidential.