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MLDP at the Rockefeller Center - Prepare to register for Fall 2014, Winter 2015, or Spring 2015!


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The Management and Leadership Development Program (MLDP) at the Rockefeller Center at Dartmouth College will soon be accepting registrations for the 2014-2015 year. Learn more about the program and plan to join us!

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  • • MLDP is a program that any sophomore, junior, or senior at Dartmouth should participate in.
    • Because of the wide range of students who participate (all who have various academic interests, co-curricular experiences, athletes/non-athletes, Greek affiliated/non-affiliated, etc) this is an unparalleled networking opportunity and a chance to interact with those across campus who you may not ever otherwise have a chance to meet.
    • There is also a real benefit to networking as much as possible AND as soon as possible in your Dartmouth career so that you have more opportunities to work with your peers in different contexts in future terms.
    • To be more effective in anything you are involved in or will be involved in moving forward:
    +Class projects
    +On campus organizations
    +Self-initiated projects
    +Professional life and your career
    +Grad school
    • At the core of MLDP is actively practicing your management and leadership skills. Each session contains activities, exercises, and simulations!


    • For more information, visit: More info about speakers:
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MLDP at the Rockefeller Center - Prepare to register for Fall 2014, Winter 2015, or Spring 2015!

  1. 1. Management and Leadership Development Program at The Nelson A. Rockefeller Center
  2. 2. “MLDP is the perfect addition to many other programs and activities on campus… The sessions were effective and engaging, and helped me to continue improving my leadership skills that I can apply to other aspects of my life on and off campus.” Susanna Kalaris ’16, current MLDP participant
  3. 3. Participate because you want to improve your management and leadership skills to be more effective
  4. 4. Learn from the best & Improve skills across a wide range of topics • Catalyze: MLDP Kick-off 1 Darin Eich, 6 • Leadership and Followership 2 Gama Perruci, McDonough Center for Leadership & Business 7 3 8 • Writing in the Workplace 4 Sara B. Chaney, Institute of Writing and Rhetoric • Leading through Action 5 Steven Spaulding, DP2 Dartmouth Athletics David Uejio, CFPB • Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Negotiation John Garvey, UNH School of Law •Developing a Global Mindset • The Art of the Narrative Kate Hilton ’99, ReThink Health • Presentation Design for the User Experience 9 Christianne Hardy Wohlforth, Montgomery Fellows Program • MLDP Wrap Up
  5. 5. MLDP is an experiential program
  6. 6. MLDP is an experiential program
  7. 7. MLDP is an experiential program
  8. 8. MLDP is an experiential program
  9. 9. MLDP is an experiential program
  10. 10. MLDP is an experiential program
  11. 11. MLDP is an experiential program
  12. 12. Rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors can participate next year in MLDP • Choose either 14F, 15W, or 15S • Registration form to participate next year will become available soon • To be notified, sign up for the Rocky mailing list at • The deadline for 14F is May 9 “MLDP is a great place to learn about leadership. It definitely brings to the forefront your weaknesses and strengths as a leader giving you tools to become even more effective. I would definitely recommend it to any student who has a passion for self-improvement and growth!” Mahnum Shahzad ‘15, Fall 2013 MLDP participant and Student Program Assistant