Named Internship Profile Summary - Morgan Wharton (McSpadden)


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Named Internship Profile Summary - Morgan Wharton (McSpadden)

  1. 1. [MCSPADDEN PUBLIC AFFAIRS FUND INTERN PROFILE] Morgan Wharton graduated from Susquehanna Valley High School in Conklin, NY as a National Merit Finalist. She was captain of the tennis and softball teams, and was a 3-time state champion with the softball team. She served as president of Peer Leaders, secretary of Student Council, and was a member of the National Honor Society. At Dartmouth, Morgan is a Neuroscience major and Public Policy Minor. She is a member of the varsity softball team and was named an NFCA All-America Scholar Athlete in 2010. As a member of Epsilon Kappa Theta sorority, Morgan holds positions as a New MemberEducator, Recruitment Chair, and Alumni Chair. She is a Link Up Peer Mentor and spent a termdoing research at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice. Aftergraduating, Morgan hopes to either attend grad school for health policy and management orenter the field of health policy.Morgan was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a summer 2012 internship, with generoussupport from the McSpadden Public Affairs Internship Fund.Executive Summary from Morgan’s final report:The National Research Center for Women and Families is a non-partisan, non-profitorganization in Washington, DC. The website provides up-to-date,easy to understand information for patients. The NRC works with the F.D.A. as a consumer advocate to ensure that all products on the market are as safe “The MLDP experience was as possible. The NRC also has several grants to help states carry incredibly helpful and out the Affordable Care Act. valuable in preparing me for my internship. The writing My primary responsibility was to remain up-to-date on the session was one that I most recently published medical journal articles and review the findings and methods. If the study was well executed and the reflected on frequently.” results were relevant to women and/or children, I looked forsimilar studies and compared the results. Finally, I would write an article for our website on thetopic in more patient-friendly language. Some of my other tasks included working on social
  2. 2. media and outreach by writing a newsletter with information about our most recent projectsand handled the Twitter and Facebook accounts. I also did some work with FDA databases. Asan intern for the NRC, I was invited to many health-related conferences held by various healthorganizations throughout the summer, which were valuable experiences outside the workplace.The most positive parts of my internship were getting my articles published online, working onvarious aspects of the organization, and attending conferences on health-related topics. Writingfor a general audience of anyone who comes to the NRC website seeking health informationwas a great opportunity to develop a new style of writing. I was also very fortunate to have theopportunity to attend briefings on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and amgrateful to have a deeper understanding of the legislation. I also went to many events centeredon health care information technology. I learned how apps, smartphones, and laptops aretransforming health care. These experiences have helped me refine my interest in health carepolicy. In the future, this might translate to a job in hospital administration, helping patients getthe best care based on patient-centered outcomes.I am so grateful to have received funding from the Rockefeller Center. Being in DC was asvaluable as the actual experience, because of all the events I was able to attend. Without Rockyfunding, I would have been limited to internships in my hometown and would surely havemissed out on valuable opportunities and lessons that I experienced while in DC at the NationalResearch Center for Women and Families. Morgan Wharton (far right) at the Supreme Court after the historic ruling on the Affordable Care Act by the US Supreme Court in June 2012