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Named Internship Profile Summary - Edgar Sandoval (McSpadden)


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Published in: Education
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Named Internship Profile Summary - Edgar Sandoval (McSpadden)

  1. 1. Edgar Sandoval '14 graduated from Waukegan High School in Waukegan, Illinois. At Waukegan, he was part of the wrestling and volleyball team and led several volunteer and humanitarian organizations. At Dartmouth, Edgar is a geography and government major. He serves as in intern for the Collis Center for Student Involvement, where he works on a number of financial projects. Edgar has been involved with the Tucker Foundation and the Rockefeller Center. Currently, he is the Community Development officer for the Cross Culture and Education Service Program to Nicaragua, an officer with the NAACP, and is involved with Ballet Folklorico de Dartmouth, a traditional Latin American based dance group. Sandoval spent this past spring working as a teacher and women's empowerment intern at the Light and Leadership Initiative and has participated in the Portuguese language study program to Salvador, Brazil. After graduating, Edgar hopes to attend either law or graduate school or work with the Human Rights Watch. Edgar was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a Winter 2013 internship, with generous support from the McSpadden Public Affairs Internship Fund. Executive Summary from Edgar’s final report: The International Network for Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights (ESCR-Net) unites over 230 NGOs, social movements, and advocates across 70 countries, seeking to build a global movement to make human rights and social justice a reality for all. ESCR-Net has a wide range of working groups dedicated to upholding and advocating for human rights in their thematic focus—economic policy, corporate accountability, women’s rights, grassroots movements, and adjudication. ESCR-Net works with international organizations, nonprofits, NGOs, advocacy organizations, governments, movements, individuals, and many other entities to accomplish its mission. As an intern, I took on many significant responsibilities and worked in administrative nonprofit management and international policy areas. One of my main tasks during the internship was developing their System of Solidarity and Support (SOS) microsite for human rights defenders. Through the “This experience further reinforced my desire to work with an organization that has a role in changing public policy locally, nationally, and internationally.” [MCSPADDEN PUBLIC AFFAIRS FUND INTERN PROFILE]
  2. 2. development of the site, I explored various resources for human rights defenders and delved into how a consultant would oversee on-the-ground advocacy. The SOS microsite was an important part of my work because the output of all the time and effort I was putting into the project would directly help individuals facing threats in their line of work. In addition, I updated their website, contact management tool, and caselaw database in their ESCR-Net main site. My experience allowed me to gain an oversight of nonprofit administrative work, which I hope to pursue after graduating from Dartmouth College at Northwestern University’s Communications department. My experience at ESCR-Net has reinforced my approach to my academic work at Dartmouth. During most of my internship, I juggled multiple projects at once in adjudication, social grassroots, and nonprofit administrative work. I appreciated how I was able to switch back and forth between the projects and assignments. This ability allowed me to maintain my motivation through the workday. As I took on one project on contact management and preparing presentations on how the new tool can best be structured to fit the needs of ESCR-Net, I was able to move into the caselaw database and review case studies of human rights legal violations. I was extremely passionate about the work I was doing with ESCR-Net, but I appreciated how they allowed me to switch back and forth from the projects to maintain myself motivated and keep the quality of work excellent. I am extremely thankful to the Rockefeller Center for providing me with this internship opportunity through the McSpadden Public Affairs Fund. I would not have been able to pursue this opportunity in nonprofit work without this support. Edgar Sandoval ’14 at Grand Central Station during his Winter 2013 internship at ESCR-Net in New York City