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[HENRY LEACH ’28 MEMORIAL FUND PUBLIC POLICY INTERN PROFILE]                                          Morgan Blackburn 13 ...
further detail about. I performed extensive research and logging of government documentsacquired by the ACLU, as well as v...
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Named Internship Profile Summary - Morgan Blackburn (Leach)


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Named Internship Profile Summary - Morgan Blackburn (Leach)

  1. 1. [HENRY LEACH ’28 MEMORIAL FUND PUBLIC POLICY INTERN PROFILE] Morgan Blackburn 13 graduated from Bishop McGuinness Catholic High School in Oklahoma City, OK in 2009. While attending BMCHS, she was President of the National Honor Society, Vice President of the National French Honor Society, a member of the Young Politicians Club, and a Gold Award Recipient for Girl Scout Troop 196. She quickly became involved with Native Americans at Dartmouth College and the Native Women’s Group. As time progressed, she became the Director of PR for the Dickey group Middle East Forum. After pledging Kappa Delta Sorority, she has served as VP-Operations, SummerPresident, and is currently VP-Membership. She interned with ACLU-OK during her off-term andaided in multiple campaigns with Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma and CAIR-OK toprotect basic civil liberties of all Oklahomans. After graduation, she plans on going into law,focusing on human rights and civil liberties.Morgan was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a summer 2012 Internship, with generoussupport from the Henry Leach ’28 Memorial Fund.Executive Summary from Morgan’s final report:The American Civil Liberties Union is focused on educating and protecting civil liberties andhuman rights within the United States. The organization uses various forms of outreach and development to promote membership, legal action, and “This internship surpassed all advocacy in order to ensure these liberties for all. At thisexpectations I had and taught me office in particular, the organization focuses on the national so many great things about my level and higher legal battles in immigration reform, future that I completely unsure women’s right projects, reproductive freedom, LGBT rights, about prior to this experience.” speech, privacy, and technology, and national security.My main task during my internship was to perform research and editing for various projectswithin the Center for Democracy. I worked on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) cases, as wellas cell phone tracking cases, racial mapping, and cases involving CIA that I am unable to go into
  2. 2. further detail about. I performed extensive research and logging of government documentsacquired by the ACLU, as well as various research tasks via Internet or law journals. I also beganworking on rewrites of information for the Speech, Privacy, and Technology section of thenational website.I am very fortunate to have had this experience because it has aided me in my post-graduateplans. I truly love the work that this organization, and others like it, does. I was able to doextensive research on sensitive topics that may not always be popular with the American publicand understand why it is important that I continue my work. During my internship experience, Ihad many great experiences that made the overall experience so enjoyable. The firstexperience that really made me excited to work with the staff of this organization was whenour organization, including the interns, got to be in the Pride 2012 Parade in the middle of NewYork City. It put a face on the work we were doing. Sometimes, certain types of research canget dull or seem never-ending, but being able to see the people that our work was helping andchanging the lives of really allowed me to see that the work that I am doing is part of a biggerpicture. This experience has definitely solidified my goal of working in the non-profit sectorafter graduation, particularly in an organization that focuses on civil liberties and/or humanrights within the United States.Overall, I am tremendously grateful for this opportunity. This internship surpassed allexpectations I had and taught me so many great things about my future that I completelyunsure about prior to this experience. It really reinforced the idea of what type of career I wantto have after graduation. I want to work for a place that has a goal to better this country. I wantto be proud of the work that I am doing and feel like even the small research tasks the internsare doing are important to make the change that we are striving for. I would not have tradedthis experience for anything.Morgan Blackburn ‘13 (right) marches to promote LGBT rights during Pride 2012 Parade in New York, NY.