Named Internship Profile Summary - Christopher O'Connell (French)


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Named Internship Profile Summary - Christopher O'Connell (French)

  1. 1. [JOHN FRENCH MEMORIAL FUND PUBLIC POLICY INTERN PROFILE] Chris O’Connell ’13 is from Roswell, Georgia, and attended North Springs Charter High School. In high school, he was involved in student government and was the captain of the St. Andrews Varsity Rowing Club. At Dartmouth, O’Connell is pursuing a major of geography modified with public policy. He serves as an intern at the Undergraduate Admissions Office, where he works on a number of communications and campus outreach projects. Currently, he co-chairs the Inter-Community Council and is a member of the DOC First-Year Trips directorate. His other activitieshave included working at the Tucker Foundation, volunteering with the Nicaragua Cross-Cultural Service Program, and serving as the Student Assembly President his sophomoresummer. O’Connell spent this past fall working at the Brunswick Group, a globalcommunications consultancy. He has participated in the Geography foreign study program toPrague, Czech Republic and plans to pursue graduate work in education policy after graduation.Chris was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a summer 2012 Internship, with generoussupport from the John French Memorial Fund.Executive Summary from Chris’s final report:The Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE) is a research project atthe Harvard Graduate School of Education that focuses on providing high quality data, best practices, and research regarding higher education faculty “This project was an incredible to the various colleges and universities that participate in learning experience for me... the collaborative. Institutions join the collaborative with a This work experience has 3-year membership and COACHE conducts longitudinal and comparative surveys regarding faculty satisfaction, work- reinforced my interest in higher life policies, compensation, research, diversity, and many education while providing me other factors that influence the productivity and vitality of with an appreciation and the faculty. COACHE, in addition to producing well- renewed interest in higher regarded research on faculty issues, convenes institutional education research.” leaders to discuss the implementation and adaptation of these best practices.
  2. 2. My work with COACHE has primarily been in data analysis for member institutions andproviding support for their summer conference. The survey administered to tenure-track andtenured faculty members provides an incredible amount of data, which I assisted their researchstaff in analyzing and preparing for university provosts and deans to understand and interpret.In regards to their summer conference for university administrators, I conducted backgroundresearch on the specific needs and goals of the participating institutions in order to assistCOACHE staff in planning a substantive event. I also put together a survey analysis of theconference and pulled together feedback to improve the event for future years.I plan to apply the knowledge and perspective I gained from this experience in several ways. AtDartmouth, I have been involved with several different administrative offices that work withfaculty. I think my experience learning about academic administration and faculty affairs hasbroadened my own perspective on a number of issues facing higher education and DartmouthCollege. From a career standpoint, my experience at COACHE has solidified my interest inpursuing a career in higher education, including an advanced degree. I found higher educationresearch to be a captivating field and I plan to pursue a career path that engaged some of theanalytical research skills my time at COACHE provided me. Chris OConnell 13 spent his summer as a research assistant at the Harvard Graduate School ofEducation where he supported the research and marketing functions for the Collaborative on Academic Careers in Higher Education (COACHE). He is pictured outside HGSEs Monroe C. Gutman Library.