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Named Internship Profile Summary - Andrew (Honghe) Li (French)


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Published in: Education
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Named Internship Profile Summary - Andrew (Honghe) Li (French)

  1. 1. Andrew (Honghe) Li ’15 graduated from Northside College Preparatory High School in Chicago, IL as Student Body President and the recipient of a National Merit Corporate Scholarship sponsored by Motorola. In his senior year, he was the recipient of a Bezos Family Foundation Scholarship, a seed fund which he used to create an education summit in Chicago to discuss the role of tax policy in state education inequity. Andrew interned with Senator Michael F. Bennet (D-CO) after high school, working as a research assistant in domestic economic policy and foreign affairs. During this past December, he worked at the American Enterprise Institute as a financial policy research intern under Peter J. Wallison and Emily Rapp. Andrew is currently majoring in Economics at Dartmouth, where he serves as the Executive Submissions Editor on the Dartmouth Law Journal, counsels freshmen as a First Year Mentor, and freelances for Paul A. Coghlan & Associates, P.C. Andrew was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a Spring 2013 Internship, with generous support from the John French Memorial Internship Fund. Executive Summary from Andrew’s final report: During spring 2013 and the winter break of 2012, I worked at AEI under the Institute's Vice President and Operations Manager for 18 weeks. My main responsibility was to create a pro forma financial model that forecasts and accounts for $90 million of expenses and financing for an internal Institute project spanning the next five years. The most rewarding aspect of this project was creating a financial tool that will remain relevant for five years, one that improves the operations of a leading public policy organization. In particular, AEI's Vice President used the model's projections daily to pitch the project to the Board of Trustees, negotiate rates with our partners, and secure long-term financing from multinational banks. Over the weeks, I also prepared financial reports based on my model ahead of [JOHN FRENCH MEMORIAL FUND PUBLIC POLICY INTERN PROFILE] “My varied experiences in modeling and research at AEI have affirmed the diverse applications of economics in society and have made me even more excited to build a foundation of knowledge from my Dartmouth coursework.”
  2. 2. meetings with our partners and banks and sat down with my supervisors at those meetings. Aside from the primary model, I created secondary five-year models aimed to improve AEI's multimillion-dollar food service operations and chart its ongoing capital campaign. These gave me the opportunity to work closely with AEI's directors in Development, Conferences, Human Resources, and Finance, from whom I've learned much about the professional world. In financial policy, I worked with AEI Fellow Peter Wallison to research the history of subprime lending and the economic impact of the Dodd-Frank Act. Since Mr. Wallison was a member of the Congress-appointed Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission (FCIC), I summarized and organized for him more than 350 pieces of research and testimonies used by the FCIC from 2009-2010. My varied experiences in modeling and research at AEI have affirmed the diverse applications of economics in society and have made me even more excited to build a foundation of knowledge from my Dartmouth coursework. In the process, I've been grateful to work daily alongside AEI's Vice-President, Operations Manager, and Senior Financial Manager, all of whom have taught me best practices to succeed in business as well as industry-specific techniques for financial modeling. These are skills that will remain relevant in any future pursuit, and I hope to apply them towards research in business operations. Through it all, what made this incredible experience possible for me was the generous support of the Rockefeller Center and the John French Memorial Fund. My invigorating months in Washington, D.C. would not have been possible without the financial support of these organizations, and for that I am extremely grateful. Andrew (right) at the Pentagon with AEI Internship Coordinator Caitlin Laverdiere (center) and fellow intern Niklas Anzinger (left)