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Named Internship Profile Summary - Adrian Ferrari (Class of 1964)


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Named Internship Profile Summary - Adrian Ferrari (Class of 1964)

  1. 1. Adrian Ferrari is from Los Altos, California and attendedSacred Heart Preparatory. In high school he was varsitycaptain of the cross country and distance track teams, inaddition to graduating with a light blue ribbon, his school’shighest award for overall achievement. Outside of schoolAdrian was politically active, canvassing for local politiciansand the No on 8 Campaign. At Dartmouth, Adrian is pursing amajor in Government with a minor in Public Policy. Duringhis last leave term, he interned for Judge John Mott ’81 as aFirst Year Fellow. Currently, he serves as the co-chair toDartmouth’s Inter-Community Council and a PresidentialScholar to Government Professor Deborah Brooks. Aftergraduating from Dartmouth, Adrian hopes to either attend graduate school or write for JonStewart, whichever he feels will allow him to best participate in the political process.Adrian was funded by the Rockefeller Center for a Winter 2013 Internship, with generoussupport from the Class of 1964 Public Affairs Internship Fund.Executive Summary from Adrian’s final report:The Office of Public Engagement (OPE) is the division of the White House that is charged withcommunicating with the public at large. OPE bills itself as “the front door to the White House”where ordinary citizens and organizations thatrepresent broader communities can air their grievancesto the highest levels of government. To complete theexchange, OPE spreads the President’s message tothese stakeholders. This process keeps the White Houseup-to-date on the concerns of the American people andhelps mobilize them to pass his agenda. In this sense,OPE is the wing of the executive branch that functionsmost like a campaign. In more practical terms, OPEholds a number of briefings, speaking events, andpanels. They also host a number of higher profile stakeholder meetings with the President andVice President, as well as more intimate roundtables with senior staff.[CLASS OF 1964 PUBLIC AFFAIRS INTERNSHIP FUNDPUBLIC POLICY INTERN PROFILE]I treasured my time in DC as aRockefeller Center Class of 1964Intern. The fast pacedenvironment left me frequentlyneeding to ad lib, but navigatingunsure waters taught me to beconfident in my decisions andcarry them out to the fullest.
  2. 2. My specific role in OPE was working with Gautam Raghavan, Associate Director forPublic Engagement, whose portfolio included the LGBT and the Asian American and PacificIslander (AAPI) communities. Day to day tasks included managing security clearance WAVES forofficial guests, vetting community leaders that the White House wanted to recognize, compilingpress clips of LGBT and AAPI related events, taking notes at meetings and writing memos forsenior staff. Interning in OPE was unique from interning in White House offices because internsare given many of the same responsibility as staffers. Interns are very involved in the wholeprocess, from conception of an idea for an event to the actual execution.I treasured my time in DC as a Rockefeller Center Class of 1964 Intern. The fast pacedenvironment left me frequently needing to ad lib, but navigating unsure waters taught me to beconfident in my decisions and carry them out to the fullest. That skill, combined with thepractice of staying on message while engaging with guests of the White House, will help me as Ipursue a professional career in public service.Adrian Ferrari ’14 (front row, far right) with Michelle Obama during hisWinter 2013 internship at the White House - Office of Public Engagement.2