2013-2014 Rockefeller Center Co-Curricular Job Postings


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A listing of paid student program assistant positions available for the 2013-2014 academic year at the Rockefeller Center. Applications for these positions can be found at http://rockefeller.dartmouth.edu/studentopps/applications.html#pdstaff and are due by 11:59 PM on Friday, May 10th.

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2013-2014 Rockefeller Center Co-Curricular Job Postings

  1. 1. 2013 Job Postings - Rockefeller Center Student Program AssistantsApply online by May 10, 2013 at 11:59 PM to be considered for a 2013-2014 positionVoxMasters (2 Positions)VoxMasters allows students to practice impromptu public speaking in a comfortable and casualenvironment. Our leaders are trained in public speaking and can offer constructive advice on improvingpublic speaking skills. The Center is looking for one or two students to assist with the program. Theywill be charged with planning, organizing and hosting weekly sessions. The position requires 5 hoursper week and compensation will be $10 per hour.PoliTALK (2 Positions)PoliTALK provides students with the opportunity to discuss politics of and policies for critical issues forsociety, and is currently tied to the issues covered by the public program speakers. The ProgramAssistant for PoliTALK will be tasked with assisting with set and Q&A at the lectures and hostingstudent dinners for Rockefeller Public Programs. The Program Assistant will research the topic coveredby the speaker, and come up with leading questions to start the PoliTALK discussion. Each studentmust be available for at least half of the public events per term. The position requires 5 hours per weekand compensation will be $10 per hour.Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership (2 Positions)The Program Assistant for the Rockefeller Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership group engage withvarious leaders who have successfully launched their own businesses. The program assistants will betasked with organizing and scheduling various weekly engagements with Dartmouth alums for thegroup. In addition to contacting speakers, the assistant will also help the speaker craft the content foreach weekly meeting and are careful to provide the student group with a wide array of business types.The position requires 5 hours per week and must be available to organize and participate in the weeklyRBEL meetings. Remuneration is $10 per hour.Rocky Mini-Grants Chair (1 Position, Must be available Fall, Winter & Spring)The Rocky Mini-Grant Chair under the guidance of the program coordinator will be tasked with runningthe application process, facilitating bi-weekly working group meetings, process applications andapplicant final requirements and being the main point of contact for the program. The chair is
  2. 2. 2013 Job Postings - Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistants Page 2responsible for maintaining the integrity of the program and the working group. The position requires10-12 hours per week and compensation will be $10 per hour. Must be available for all three terms.Rocky Bulletin Board Artist (1 Position)The Rocky bulletin board artist will be in charge of the design and update of all Rockefeller CenterBulletin boards under the guidance of the Rockefeller Center Staff. Must have an artistic eye and bewilling to be creative within the guidelines of the Rockefeller Centers image. Must be able to workindependently without a lot of direction and work with all staff members at the Center. Must beproject oriented and be able to manage deadlines. The position is sporadic throughout the year andcan require up to 10 hours per week during certain weeks and no hours during other weeks. Thecompensation will be $10 per hour.Public Programs (2 Positions)Each term the Rockefeller Center brings distinguished public speakers to campus to discuss a variety ofrelevant issues. The Program Assistant will be asked to assist with: 1) preparing for each event,including researching class visits, writing blog posts, creating speaker schedules, putting togetherspeaker packets and letters, distributing posters, and doing student outreach; 2) the lecture itself,including materials and sign set up inside and outside the lecture hall, crowd control, handling mikesfor Q&A, student receptions or dinners, and other tasks related to public program lectures; and 3)following up on the event, including recording attendance stats, entering data into the database, anduploading photos.During the Fall and Spring terms, the Program Assistant will be asked to assist with the RockefellerCenter Board of Visitors meetings, and the Rockefeller Center Open Houses. Each student must beavailable for at least half of the public events per term. Each position requires 5-10 total hours ofavailability per week, depending on the number of public programs in the week. Compensation will be$10 per hour.Civic Skills Training & First Year Fellows (1 Position - Spring Term Only)The Rockefeller Center offers an immersion training program in Washington, DC each summer for first-year students. This position will assist in the marketing & outreach, application processing andselection process, and preparation for this off-site program. It would be helpful, but not required, forthis assistant to have completed CST or First-Year Fellows to be able to respond to questions fromother students. You would not be actually attending the week-long training in June. The position willrequire 5-10 hours of availability per week. Compensation will be $10 per hour.Management and Leadership Development Program (2 Positions)MLDP engages participants in hands-on learning of core management and leadership skills to improvetheir practical skill set and become more effective leaders on and off campus. The ProgramAssistant(s) for MLDP will help to prepare for weekly sessions by performing tasks which may include:
  3. 3. 2013 Job Postings - Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistants Page 3setting up surveys, monitoring attendance and participants’ activity within the program, and assistingin variety of other tasks to assist in coordination of the program. The Program Assistant(s) is requiredto attend all MLDP sessions, to include setup and cleanup. In addition to weekly responsibilities, theMLDP Program Assistant(s) will lead outreach and marketing efforts, and assist in program reporting,analysis, and improvement. Program Assistants are expected to be ready to discuss the skills gainedduring their participation in MLDP to engage participants and promote the program. Previous andongoing involvement at the Rockefeller Center, both in curricular and co-curricular offerings, is stronglypreferred. Position will require 10-12 hours of availability per week. Compensation will be $10 perhour.Internship Funding Program (1 Position)The Rockefeller Center offers funding for unpaid internships related to public policy each term. Thisposition will assist in marketing and outreach, processing and reviewing applications, and analyzinginformation to create reports and distribute information related to this program. It would be helpful,but not required, for this assistant to have completed an internship (not necessarily funded by Rocky)to be able to respond to questions from other students and to provide insight about leave-terminternships based upon past experiences. The position will require 5-10 hours of availability per week.Compensation will be $10 per hour.Rockefeller Global Leadership Program (2-3 Positions)The Global Leadership Program seeks to help students expand their global consciousness and continueto build upon the self-mastery of being a nuanced leader and culturally aware, and ready to lead inwhatever contexts they find themselves. The program assistant will assist in preparing sessions andtopics around global awareness. The program assistant is required to attend all weekly RGLP sessions.Weekly tasks that need to be performed with diligence include: Room set-up, noting attendance, cleanup after the session, system updates, weekly email correspondence with participants and other dutiesas they are assigned. Student Assistants will further develop marketing strategies, exploringopportunities to globalize the program experience, and compile data for program evaluation. The idealcandidate will be mindful of how they might continuously promote the program and becomeknowledgeable of ways the content of the program intersect with various entities on campus. Thisposition will require 3-5 hours of availability per week. Compensation will be $10 per hour.Rocky Student Workshops (1 Position)The Rockefeller Center Student workshops include, career conversations, and other one-timeopportunities provided to students throughout the term. The Rocky Student Workshop StudentAssistant will lead marketing and promotion, manage registrations, setup supplies, and follow up withall participants. The Rocky Student Workshop Student Assistant will be required to attend all RockyStudent Workshops, unless alternate arrangements are made. This position will require 5 hours a weekand compensation will be $10 per hour.
  4. 4. 2013 Job Postings - Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistants Page 4Database (1 position)The Rockefeller Center maintains a record of student involvement in the Centers’ curricular and co-curricular programs in a database. This database allows the Center to better understand the level ofinvolvement and engagement students have in our programs and the path that students typically takethrough the Center’s programs, in addition to keeping a historical record. The database studentassistant position assists in updating data, analyzing student participation rates within programs andbetween programs, troubleshooting, and developing reports to support Center staff and informprogrammatic developments and Center initiatives. The database student assistant will develop adetailed understanding of the Center’s programs. This position requires strong skills in Microsoft Exceland will require 4-8 hours of availability per week. Compensation will be $10 per hour.Communications (1 position)This position will support the communications and outreach efforts at the Rockefeller Center to bothinternal and external audiences. This includes traditional methods such as flyers, newsletters, andemails to newer methods such as web site, blogging, social media, video andphotos. This Student Assistant should have an interest in outreach and marketing, and skills in one ormore of the following areas: graphic design, writing for the web, email marketing, web site design,video production, photo editing, “street team” outreach, and social mediamarketing. Familiarity with Facebook, Twitter, blogging platforms, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, Drupal,and other tools preferred. This position will require 10-12 hours of availability per week. Compensationwill be $10 per hour.Typical Key Responsibilities for all positions:* Attend student staff workshops, trainings, and events (such as Open Houses for Dimensions and NewStudent Orientation).* Review and select student special project proposals for Rockefeller Center funding consideration.* Assist with logistical details for events related to program area; e.g., Public Programs, Internships,Management Leadership Development Program, etc.* Assist with data entry of student information* Assist with keeping the bulletin board updated and photos current* Assist with tracking information from attendees and preparing short reports* Write articles and download photos for website* Monitor sponsored blitzmail accounts for programs to respond to inquiries and send program-relatedemails to program participants* Take pictures at program events and upload to Flickr* Attend meetings of student groups and create reports* Assist with office procedures (filing, organizing, copying, etc.)* Order food for catered events and sessions and ensure receipts are provided to Finance Manager
  5. 5. 2013 Job Postings - Rockefeller Center Student Program Assistants Page 5Skills and Knowledge Requirements:* Excellent organizational skills* Excellent verbal and written communication skills* Proficient with technology, social media and computer applications(Excel in particular), along with collaborative editing tools such asGoogle Drive and Dropbox* Ability to work independently and in a collaborative team approach* Demonstrated research skills* Able to carry out required tasks with a high level of accuracy* Highly self-motivated* Able to set goals, create clear statements of purpose, and communicate those goals and purposes toothers* Interest in public policy, leadership, and public service* Familiarity with Rockefeller Center programs* Ability and willingness to assist Rockefeller staff with physical reorganization of offices and/orsupplies* Valid Driver’s License preferred