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The plane truth for golfers by john andrisani golfshare


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The plane truth for golfers by john andrisani golfshare

  1. 1. The Plane Truth for Golfers by John Andrisani GolfshareJim Hardy is the most knowledgeable teacher in golf. This extraordinarybook will be the most revolutionary instructional book since Ben HogansFive Lessons.--Peter Jacobsen, Seven-time PGA Tour event winner Voted one of Americas 50 Greatest Teachers by Golf Digest andranked in the Top 100 Teachers list of Golf magazine, Jim Hardy is averitable scholar of swing. Hes been fixing the swings of profes sional andamateur golfers since 1977, and in The Plane Truth for Golfers, he makeshis groundbreaking concepts available to you for the first time. Hardys revolutionary approach is simple: There are two sets offundamentals to the swing, not one. There is the one-plane swing, for moreathletic players, and the two-plane swing, suitable for players of all
  2. 2. abilities. Understanding these concepts is crucial to your improvement, andHardy breaks them down into easy-to-follow steps, complete with dozensof photographs.Personal Review: The Plane Truth for Golfers by John AndrisaniThis book gave me the clarification I needed to resolve some mixed swingthoughts and advice from other golfers. What it also gave me was a senseof validation that my own swing thoughts were correct! Im in my mid-50s(age, not handicap LOL!) and my swing had gotten a lot flatter. Ive readHogans Five Lessons and found that to be generally helpful but Jim Hardyexplains why some things just get you mixed up- how we setup withconflicting styles and with conflicting results!After having read less than 40 pages I realized my custom-made ironswere built to fit a standard setup a few years ago. I went and had the lie ofmy irons flattened by 2 degrees. Not only do they feel more comfortable ataddress but Im hitting them much more accurately.I cant wait to see how this story ends! For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price: The Plane Truth for Golfers by John Andrisani 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!