Web Application Security Testing


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Kualitatem offers a professional Web Application Security Testing service that can be used to identify vulnerabilities that exist on your web applications.

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Web Application Security Testing

  1. 1. Web Application Security Testing & Assessmentwww.kualitatem.com
  2. 2. WEB APPLICATION SECURITY TESTING & ASSESSMENTWith the increased reliance on data driven websites and the fact that 87% of the web is vulnerable to external threats, theneed for secure and reliable service delivery through the web has never been higher. An organizations IT Infrastructureand web applications offer data access to customers, employees and other key stakeholders of a business. A minorsecurity loophole within this infrastructure can cost up to thousands of dollars in the form of higher post deployment costs,legal fees, weak brand image and loss of loyal customers. Kualitatem can help you to create secure and stable networks,processes, applications and more through leveraging real world techniques for identifying security exposures. Our currentservice offering includes the following:Web Application Security Testing Penetration Testing / Ethical HackingKualitatem offers a professional Web Application Security The security team at Kualitatem is adept at executingTesting service that can be used to identify vulnerabilities rigorous penetration tests and the information during thisthat exist on your web applications. This application process is then used to carry out penetration attempts ontesting can be performed remotely for external facing web internal and external networks. This is followed by aapplications or internally at your premises if the thorough vulnerability analysis and recommendations forapplication is an internal one. strengthening network and internet security.The assessment is divided into five phases. About Kualitatem: Kualitatem (Pvt) Ltd. is independent software and IT auditing company providing end to end services across software and IT infrastructure auditing lifecycle to a global clientele. We have served some distinguished clients in the Government, Health, Finance, Leasing and Enterprise business sectors. We work with our clients as their quality growth partners and provide them with IT Security and Process auditing services against standards like ISO 27001:2005, BS 25999:2007, ISO 9216, TMM and CMM. Our software auditing and quality assurance portfolio revolves around variety of requirementsOur security testing methodology used is based around including functionality, platform compatibility,the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) performance, usability, security and penetration, codetesting methodologies. reviews and automation testing. Injection Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Broken Authentication and Session Management Insecure Direct Object References Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSR Security Misconfiguration Insecure Cryptographic Storage Failure to Restrict URL Access Insufficient Transport Layer Protection Invalidated Redirects and ForwardsVulnerability AssessmentsKualitatem provides thorough vulnerability assessmentsduring which it closely maps the network architecture,examines all open ports, hosts and services accessible tothe Web, and ensures that these network devices aresecure against hacker attacks. Based on all vulnerabilitiesencountered during the process, the security posture ofthe customers network is determined and reported.www.kualitatem.com Email: info@kualitatem.com