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Independent Testing & QA Services


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We at Kualitatem offer variety of services which include mobile application/ app testing,automation testing, software testing, software quality assurance, and mcafee security implementations. We aim to provide our valued customers with customer satisfaction. Visit us for more details.

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Independent Testing & QA Services

  1. 1. Independent Testing & QA Services Automation Performance Security Usability Testing Lifecycle Services Functional + Regression + Integration System + UAT USA | Australia | UAE | Pakistan
  2. 2. ABOUT KUALITATEMYOUR QUALITY GROWTH PARTNERSKualitatem is a leading provider of IT Auditing, Quality clients to produce robust, maintainable andAssurance and third-party validation services to a global error-free software.clientele across a range of industry sectors. The spectrum of We have a team of highly experienced andour services ranges from core manual testing and automation certified individuals with proven track records oftesting and leads to specialized services such as performance, delivering testing and quality assurance servicessecurity, usability and platform compatibility testing. We to fortune 1000 clients. Each team member isspecialize in test process cycles of functional, regression, encouraged to build upon their strengths andintegration and user acceptance testing. this practice is supported by our research andOur flexible and seamless frameworks coupled with a wide development alliance network. This brilliantrange of testing tools enable us to provide an unbiased and pool of professionals is the driving force behindtransparent assessment of software quality, hence making us our flexible, efficient and cost-effective solutionan ideal quality assurance partner for any software vendor. offerings.We have an unwavering commitment towards helping ourSERVICES PORTFOLIOTEST PROCESS MANAGEMENT TEST ENVIRONMENT MANAGEMENTTest Planning, Test Case Development, Execution, Bug Operating Systems, Browsers, Hardware,Reporting, Documentation, Test Process Establishment Software, Networks and ToolsTESTING SERVICES SPECIALIZED SERVICESFunctional, Sanity, Regression, Integration, Smoke, System, Functional, Performance, Usability, Security,User Acceptance Testing Automation, Platform CompatibilityCONSULTING SERVICES CATEGORIZED SERVICESTest Strategy, Tools Selection Strategy, Test Process Website testing, Mobile Application Testing,Establishments, Custom Trainings, IT Auditing, Information Web Application Testing, Social Media Testing,Security Database Testing, Business Flow Testing, Enterprise Application Testing
  3. 3. TOOLAutomation Test Management SolutionsQuick Test Pro, Selenium, Test Complete, WinRunner, Rational Mercury Test Suite, IBM Rational Test Suite, HPRobot, RFT Quality Center, Test Director, Test Link, Zephyr, App PerfectBug Tracking PerformanceBugzilla, Jira, Mantis, Assembla, Redmine JMeter, Webload, Loadrunner, OpenSTA,Code Reviews NeoLoad, WAPT, RPTJStyle, Code Striker, SSW Code Auditor Mobile Testing FoneMonkey, Robotium, Meux- QTPINDUSTRY SECTORSEnterprise Web Solutions VideogamesDigital Media Health CareFinancial and Leasing Tourism and HospitalityContact Center and Tele-services GovernmentMobile and Smartphone Apps Networking and HardwareTHE KUALITATEM FACTOR Team of Highly Qualified and Trained Professionals Strong Commitment to Delivering Bug Free Software Singular Platform for All Specialized Testing Requirements Fortune 1000 Clientele across a Wide Range of Industry Sectors Flexible, Efficient and Cost-Effective Solution Offering Strong Industry Partnerships Continuous Skill and Process Development through R&D and Professional Trainings
  4. 4. TESTIMONIAL"Kualitatem has been working with us as our QA partner in our startup phase. They have helped us throughsetting up the automation testing framework using Selenium. Their attention to detail starting from selection ofthe right tool for automation and then implementing it has helped us achieve our objectives. They have beenflexible and very aware of our requirements as a startup which demands cost-effective implementation. Wehighly recommend Kualitatem for their services, especially to startups that are looking to deliver high qualityproducts."Michael BenderCEOInfused IndustriesCLIENTS & PARTNERS USA | Australia | UAE | Pakistan