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Automation testing


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Kualitatem automation testing services facilitates users to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their software.

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Automation testing

  1. 1. Automation
  2. 2. ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN SERVICETest automation has become an increasingly critical andstrategic necessity in the current economic environment 35% reduction in performance testing cyclewhere software testing efforts are constrained bytimelines and budgets. Complex application architectures time through automation!coupled with flexible end user interfaces have caused Kualitatem was able to reduce performancemultiplication of test case scenarios. With automation testing cycle time by 35% for one of the largesttesting, organizations can cut costs associated withmanual testing processes by 40% and reduce test cycle online book and DVD store in Australia bytimes by over 20% Kualitatem has an extensive range of automating through Selenium.Test Automation Services which can help organizations toachieve optimum returns on their investment and reapmaximum benefits off software testing initiatives.Our highly experienced and certified consultants continue to be trained in all the leading commercial test automation toolsand test suites and have extensive experience with successful implementation of automation projects for a range ofclients in Education, Retail, Government and Media verticals. We have also helped many Fortune 1000 clients to enhancetheir test automation capabilities through our unparalleled experience in test automation script development.Our labs are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure and latest test tools to ensure smooth execution of all testingprojects our solution offering is based on client objectives rather than the traditional record and play approach. Ourcurrent service offering includes the following:Test Automation POC Automation Component ScriptingOur team at Kualitatem believes that a thorough It is a well-known fact that the commercially promotedevaluation of an automation tool must be made before record and play approach to automation testing lacksselecting it for a targeted environment. Our Automation adaptability and analytical capabilities which are essentialPOC practice can help organizations to plan their test to test rapidly evolving applications. Hence, there areautomation strategy with a realistic estimation of the many cases where a good working knowledge of thebenefits to be achieved, and a full understanding of the scripting language is essential to get the best out of therisks and challenges that need to be addressed. automation tool. Our test automation consultants can identify areas of test automation from within yourAutomation Framework Implementation application that would benefit from targeted test automation scripting and hence increase your ROI from the entire automation effort.Whatever your level of test automation, frameworkdevelopment can prove to be significantly beneficialtechnique for enhancing the value of your automationinvestment. We have developed automation frameworksfor many of our clients and continue to deliver significantadded value in test automation. These frameworks enableour clients with a long term solution to maintaining largescale test automation Email:
  3. 3. TEST AUTOMOTION TOOLS EXPERTIESSelenium (C/C++, C#, .NET, Visual Basic, Python and PHP.), Borland Silk Test, quick Test Pro, Rational Robot, VisualTest, HP Win Runner, HP Mercury Load Runner,Automation Testing Process About Kualitatem: Kualitatem (Pvt) Ltd. is independent software and IT Assessment Phase auditing company providing end to end services across Understanding of business requirements, Evaluate software testing lifecycle. We have served some Testing requirements, Tool and Technology selection distinguished clients in government, financial, leasing, enterprise, gaming, web 2.0 and mobile (IPhone, android) business domains. We work with our clients as their quality growth partners providing them software testing and quality assurance services for variety of Planning Phase requirements including functionality, platform compatibility, performance, usability, security, code Define scope and resources, Prepare test cases, reviews and automation testing . Tool installation and configuration selection Automation & Optimization Phase Framework implementation, Script preparation Execution Phase Test case execution, Result Capturing, Review and Analysis Reporting PhaseWe provide these services as an add-on to our CoreTesting Services or as independent services according tothe requirement of the client organization. With our provencapabilities of choosing appropriate tools and our homegrown automation architecture, we have been successfulin reducing the regression testing time from weeks tohours for several clients. All this combined with ourextensive knowledge and the ability to deliver timelyresults provides you with an expert partner in qualityassurance! Email: