How Winter Colors Can Enliven Your Wardrobe


Published on This slideshow illustrates the connection between fabric color and winter fashion.

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How Winter Colors Can Enliven Your Wardrobe

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Oftentimes when we think of winter colors we tend to thinkof them as “fall and winter colors”. It’s as if to say that falland winter colors are one in the same.However, this couldn’t be further from the truth because thewinter color pallet is probably the most unique color paletteknown to the fashion industry | Rock Bottom T-Shirts
  3. 3. Winter colors are best described as:• Being very clear - Winter colors look as if any water, dust or sheen has been drawn out of them. These are usually very pure colors.• Bold vivacious colors - The winter color palette is loud and energetic. This is one thing that they share with autumn colors. However, unlike the autumn palette, the winter palette only uses bold colors in modest doses. | Rock Bottom T-Shirts
  4. 4. Additional Properties Winter Color:• Providing intense contrast - The presence of bold colors against the backdrop of deep neutrals makes for impressive contrasts.• Silver based - Cool colors tend to be made up of blue. However, winter colors have a slight variation. They are blue-silver based. In contrast, autumn colors are gold based.• Made for heroes and villains - Literature often paints the villain and hero in winter colors to signify a character as either wholly good or purely evil. | Rock Bottom T-Shirts
  5. 5. • Blues - Royal, ice blue, cobalt• Greens - Teal, Kelly, emerald• Reds - Burgundy, ice pink, deep amethyst, rose• Neutrals - Chalk white, black, navy, charcoal, silver | Rock Bottom T-Shirts
  6. 6. Do’s - Make rich neutral colors form the foundation of winter fashion and complete thelook by adding a bold accent to your attire. For example, you could achieve thatsophisticated winter look by combining a charcoal or navy pair pants with our charcoal¾ sleeve t-shirt topped off with a charcoal pea coat and an icy pink scarf.Don’ts - Try to avoid combining earth tones or dusty colors with winter colors. Youshould also stay away from wearing soft or muted tones when you’re already wearingwinter colors because they can clash horribly with winter colors. | Rock Bottom T-Shirts
  7. 7. We’ve just shown you several qualities that make winter colors stand out along withtips on how to use winter colors in your wardrobe.Do you need to add some winter colors to your wardrobe? Rock Bottom T-Shirts isyour answer. We offer a wide variety of styles and colors including winter colors- forthe entire family. | Rock Bottom T-Shirts