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Futureofvideomarketingcopy 131030083442-phpapp01-2

  2. 2. HAVE Y’HEARD? “The next big thing in content marketing is video” - Just about Everyone, Company ABC
  3. 3. I can’t really credit that quote to anybody in particular because it’s been said by everyone. B2B marketers know that online video is more than just a trend. It's HERE, AND IT'S BIG
  4. 4. If major brands don’t already have video content libraries, that’s what they’re looking to create. Video assets keep you relevant and help you meet customer expectations.
  5. 5. AND THE FUTURE’S LOOKIN’ BRIGHT 86% of brands will increase their spend on video in 2014. 61% of young executives say they will rely more heavily on business-class video within the next 5-10 years. And, by 2017, online video will make up nearly 70% of
  6. 6. Based on steady growth in the industry, we’re seeing B2B brands hiring talent to manage their video presence.
  7. 7. Large companies are hiring Directors of Video Strategy left right and center. This ensures that someone has ownership of content assets, strategy, and that companies are better equipped to produce enough video to meet demand.
  8. 8. Under this sort of dedicated leadership, we’ve seen some clients produce over 1,000 videos within the span of a year. And this is awesome because consistency and frequency are the keys to video marketing success.
  9. 9. THE SHIFT IN ONLINE VIDEO Online video is now about more than displaying content on the web, it’s about optimizing your content. You can customize the viewing experience to stand out among your competitors.
  10. 10. NEW PLATFORMS = NEW POSSIBILITIES Now marketers can: Brand video players to match a website’s look and feel Leverage calls to action during or after a video And that's just the beginning CHECK US OUT AND START TODAY!
  11. 11. AS WE LOOK FORWARD New developments are affecting the industry: This year we’re seeing top video marketing platforms focus on integrating with other marketing tools including: Marketing automation platforms CRM systems Social platforms
  12. 12. SO HOW DOES THIS HELP MARKETERS? These integrations help you consolidate all marketing data and customer insight in one place for analysis. This helps you make better decisions, and you can automate
  13. 13. MY VIDEO MARKETING PREDICTIONS Because production is no longer intimidating – everybody’s got a 1080p recording device in their pocket – we’re going to see better videos from marketers, and lots more of them.
  14. 14. With unique integrations with MAPs and CRMs, content marketers will be able to see what’s resonating and why. Customer insight and analytics will shape video content going forward. You’ll modify and amplify your strategy
  15. 15. Eventually, you won’t have to look for the best content online Marketing automation will help serve up the perfect video content to the perfect lead at the perfect time.
  16. 16. The future’s here, and I’m very excited to see what marketers bring to the table. For more video marketing insights, resources, and tips, check out the Vidyard Blog Or follow our SlideShare
  17. 17. Also, feel free to get in touch Michael Litt CEO & Co-founder of Vidyard Follow us on SlideShare Subscribe for blog updates Subscribe to the bi-weekly newsletter Follow us on Twitter