Gothic art


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Gothic art

  1. 1. In the High Middle Ages there were also changes in European art. A new style developed: GOTHIC ART.  Chronology: 12th - 15th centuries.  Origin: France. The name "Gothic" was given during the Renaissance (15-16th centuries), because people of those times considered Gothic art as a barbarian art (like the Goths!) compared to the Classical Art (Greek & Roman).
  2. 2.  GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE:  Main examples of Gothic art  CATHEDRALS.  Other Gothic buildings  Town halls & palaces. Notredame Cathedral in Paris (1163 – 1345)
  3. 3. Diagram of a Gothic cathedral
  4. 4. Cathedral of Leon (1205–1301)
  5. 5. Town Hall of Brugge (Belgium)
  6. 6. Palazzo Ducale (Venice)
  7. 7. Characteristics of Gothic cathedrals:  Tall buildings built with stone  Many stained glass windows that added light and colour to the interior of the cathedral.  Pointed arches  Rose windows  Inside: • Latin Cross floor plan • Side chapels • Ribbed vaults • Pillars • Three storeys (levels)  Outside: • Flying buttress • Pinnacles • Two high towers on the sides
  8. 8. Tall buildings built with stone Cathedral of Valencia Cathedral of Notredame (Paris)
  9. 9. Stained glass windows (vidrieras) Cathedral of Chartres (France) Cathedral of Leon
  10. 10. Pointed arch (arco apuntado o de ojiva) Cathedral of Bilbao Cathedral of Amiens (France)
  11. 11. Rose Window (Rosetón) Rose window (interior) of St.Denis Cathedral (Paris) Rose window (exterior) of St. Francis of Assisi Cathedral (Assisi, Italy)
  12. 12. Latin Cross floor plan (planta de cruz latina)
  13. 13. Side chapels Side chapels in the Cathedral of Burgos Cathedral of Valencia
  14. 14. Ribbed Vaults (bóveda de crucería) Cathedral of Leon Gothic Romanesque St.Denis Cathedral (Paris)
  15. 15. Pillars Cathedral of Salamanca Cathedral of Notredame (Paris)
  16. 16. Three storeys (levels) inside: Clerestory Triforium Arcade (claristorio) (triforio) (aracada)
  17. 17. • 1st Story: Arcade. There are 3 long naves (one central & two side aisles) separated by arcades of pointed arches. Arcade of the Cathedral of Cologne (Germany)
  18. 18. • 2nd Story: Triforium. Sometimes it contains a narrow walkway Triforium of the Cathedral of Burgos
  19. 19. • 3rd Story: Clerestory. It holds large stained glass windows adding light and colour to the interior of the cathedral. Clerestory of the Cathedral of Leon
  20. 20. Flying buttress (arbotante) Cathedral of Notredame (Paris)
  21. 21. Pinnacles (pináculos) Duomo di Milano (Italy)
  22. 22. Two high towers on the sides Cathedral of Notredame (Paris) Cathedral of Cologne (Germany)
  23. 23. GOTHIC SCULPTURE AND PAINTING     Focused on realistic depiction. Figures express movement and sentiment. Usually religious themes. Sculpture: • Common in the facades of cathedrals • More lifelike & natural positions than Romanesque sculpture.  Paintings: • Painted on wooden plates, not on the walls anymore because that space is now occupied by windows. • Sometimes several paintings were put together to form an altarpiece.
  24. 24. Gothic sculptures
  25. 25. Gothic painting (altarpieces)