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African music Lesson Plan


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African music Lesson Plan

  1. 1. AFRICAN MUSIC Unit PlanLevel 2By Rocio Mejia
  2. 2. Lasting Learning Appreciation for African culture and African Music Main Idea of Rhythms Call and Response Idea
  3. 3. Unit Assessment Strategy Lesson 1:Intro to Africa Lesson 2:Rhythms/ and rhythms Of Africa Lesson 3:Composing &Arranging for Musical Related to Africa Lesson 4:Retelling African Folk Tale ABIYOYO Lesson 5:Performing ABIYOYO as a Musical
  4. 4. Repertoire & Materials
  5. 5. Rationale: (why this unit is Good to teach) Great strong components can be use to teach our children about African Music teach us not only about African music, but also about African culture.” Movent, Rhythm, Singing are all very strong elements in Africa and in our Teaching