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    Mercedes- Facebook:
    -Ties in other pages in the Mercedes social universe (ie. tagging/spotlighting something featured on the Mercedes Japan FB page)
    -Contests linking to Pinterest accounts, promoting engagement
    -Photos posted from Instagram
    -Tone typically is casual and straight-forward. Messages do not end in questions or optimize for engagement. Photos are accompanied by car specs or other informative copy
    -Per social media best practices, videos from YouTube that are shared are accompanied by a photo, and YouTube link is attached at end of copy.
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Social media best practices

  1. 1. Social Media Best PracticesSOCIAL MEDIA
  2. 2. FACEBOOK • Broader Reach: As the largest social network on the planet with no signs of any decline, Facebook offers the greatest opportunity to find and connect with Lexus fans. • Deeper Engagement: With a 420 character limit on status updates (compared to Twitter’s 140), Facebook offers the opportunity for deeper conversations to take place between brands and fans. Facebook pages also have the ability to host multiple types of rich media content and may also be customized to reflect • Hyper-targeted advertising: **Because of Facebook’s “closed’ platform, users feel more comfortable sharing personal information such as their political affiliation or their favorite movie than they would on other sites. These granular details about a user’s preferences allow advertisers to create campaigns aimed at much smaller, more relevant audiences than ever before, while maintaining user privacy. • The Feed Factor: **Each time a Fan engages with a Page, this action is updated within their Wall Feed, alerting Friends about their recent interaction with a company brand and introducing the Page to a new group of users. The Wall Feed is a comprehensive and accessible real-time archive of a user’s specific interests.
  3. 3. TWITTER • Twitter is a service for people to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages. These messages are posted to your profile , sent to your followers, and are searchable on Twitter search along with external social search engines. • Twitter is: – An information network made up of 140-character messages. Its an easy and quick way to discover the latest news related to subjects consumers care about – Avenue for direct interaction: brands have access to both existing and potential customers. No other medium allows for such immediate conversation and feedback with and from consumers – Viral: Newsworthy tweets are like real time press releases. When it comes to communicating your message directly to consumers, Twitter not only makes it easy, their platform was designed for shareability so your message can travel across the twittersphere in a matter of clicks. – Traffic Driver: ability to drive traffic to external sites as a direct result of a link posted on Twitter. Implementation of thoughtful campaigns anchored by real incentives to click thru (i.e. coupons, sweepstakes, exclusive content, calls-to-action), – Real Time Insights: Twitter enables access to up to the second stats on who’s talking about your brand, what they’re saying, where they’re saying it from and how they’re saying it. The same insights on the competition’s activities can be accessed through Twitter’s real time search engine.
  4. 4. YOUTUBE • Opportunity for Impressions: As the second largest search engine and the most popular online destination for video content, YouTube offers the greatest opportunity for brand impressions through video. • Easy share-ability: YouTube videos are platform- agnostic and can be shared on nearly every platform. • Google-Level Analytics: Because they are owned by Google, YouTube provides a robust analytics platform including key word analysis and traffic sources, content “hot spots” (showing at what point viewers stop watching your video) and insights about which of your videos are most popular and with whom. • High Search Engine Results: Google rewards multimedia content with higher search ranking so your videos have a better chance of rising to the top of the results page.
  5. 5. By The Numbers Fans: 5,926,693 Subscribers: 21,824 Tweets: 8,277 Engaged Fans: 174,727 Video Views: 32,187,108 Following: 13,279 Engagement %- .02948% Followers: 282,920 36% inactive, 12% fake, 52% good Fans-844,921 Subscribers: 17,173 Tweets: 593 Engaged Fans- 19,419 Video Views: 9,670,152 Following: 287 Engagement %-.02298% Followers: 14,293 Fans-1,014,672 Subscribers: 8,935 Tweets: 3,433 Engaged Fans- 109,851 Video Views: 11,236,310 Following: 341 Engagement %- .10926 Followers: 97,650 Tweets: 4,606 Fans-1,719,993 Subscribers: 12,553 Following: 2,307 Engaged Fans- 99,016 Video Views: 11,695,614 Engagement %- .05756% Followers: 306,867 45% inactive, 8 % fake, 47% good
  6. 6. Brand Summary: Lexus• Campaigns on Facebook are well-executed, and supported on Twitter• Accounts are heavy on promotion, light on engagement• Word for word messaging is repeated across outlets• Tone and voice are inconsistent. Language seems stifled.• Issues: • Inconsistency• Create clear goals for each social channel.• Lexus is progressive and edgy. Our social media, however, is not. Cut back on formal tone.• Be consistent in messaging and responses.• Determine position on customer service via social.• Establish brand guidelines and voice for L Studio.• Convey a unified impression across channels, without using exact duplicate content.• Rewrite YouTube tags.• Continue presence on G+ so page does not appear abandoned. Additional resources should not be invested.
  7. 7. Audi: OVERVIEWFanbase: 5,901,496 (10.22.12)Frequency of admin post: 1-2 times/dayFrequency of unique comments: Multipledaily commentsLevel of user-engagement: Very high Need screen shots of facebook& twitter
  8. 8. TACTIC OBSERVATIONS 1. Customized Content Per Medium: - customizes copy for Twitter and Facebook for the same assets. 2. Product Posts : Frequently post product photos to give their followers and fans both the chance to imagine and a taste of daily utility. 3. Photos Rule: Frequently includes photo assets to enhance link and video content pushes.1 4. RT Loyalist: Audi engages with their followers/fans by frequent retweets, spotlighting their 3 audience and rewarding their contributions.2 4
  9. 9. MESSAGING TONEWith an air of confidence, Audi has a playful and accessible tone that invites their audience toengage.• Challenging/Competitive• Anti-Establishment• Humanized
  10. 10. Brand Summary: BMW• Lowest follower count on Twitter and Facebook.• Lowest percentage of engaged fans on Facebook.• Twitter: • RT compliments, but only sporadically engages with user to further conversation • Video, photo, Instagram, and link heavy • Reads like an advertisement, not well-written• 2nd in YouTube subscribers, lowest video views
  11. 11. Brand Summary: Mercedes • Twitter: • Use custom shortener- • Features links to reviews on other sites
  12. 12. ENGAGEMENT OPPORTUNITIESWith the goal of increasing engagement with ourcommunity, Lexus could benefit from extra efforts inrewarding our followers by replying to posts, retweetingcontent, and “liking” comments.
  13. 13. AUDIENCE With the goal of increasing engagement with our community, Lexus could benefit from extra efforts in rewarding our followers by replying to posts, retweeting content, and “liking” comments.
  14. 14. Brand Summary: Audi
  15. 15. Facebook
  16. 16. Twitter
  17. 17. Twitter: Hashtags #wantanR8 #mpower #LFAvJet #MTSUVOTY #thingsslowerthanS #mmonday #LagunaSeca #NewLexusES 6 #BMW #GangnamStyle #BMWFanStory #MM #allroad #quattro #bmwtrivia #LexusIgnition #thesmodels #LFA1k #m3 #LexusCT #greenissexy #alpina #LexusLFCC #3series4A4 #m6 #bmwactivehybrid #PursuePerfection #A4memories #stratos #3series #LexusEcoChallenge #audiwinterride #activehybrid5 #LexusLove #audi #lsetta #myfirstaudi #ultimatedriver #x1rto #x1
  18. 18. HASHTAGSAudi uses a series of hashtags including brand, specific models, product lines, and campaigns.With their campaigns, they integrate the model name within the hashtag, i.e. #thingsslowerthananS6. Campaign namesalso highlight the tone of their messaging.BRAND#AudiMODELS#A7#S6#RS5#S7#S8#A3TDIPRODUCT LINES#theSmodels#quattroCAMPAIGNS#WantAnR8#A4memories#thingsslowerthananS6#ProgressIs#Cometogether (campaign with Ducati)
  19. 19. YouTube
  20. 20. Final Thoughts + Action Items