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  1. 1. Creating A Culture ofhjixecution Chris Mcchesney, Sean Covey, and Jim Huling V’ Th€4Discipljnes of .0 . . XC CU. ‘L'1OI1® _________ pg Execution 1 There are ? wo things ‘not we can infuence when it comes to producing results: STRA. TEG"r' and EXEC UTION “, Which one is more difficult? In an organization, there's always a clash between two forces: WHIRLWIND GOALS Day Job New Activities #l Focus On The 0 1 --Wll§l'Y-. 'mF?9Tl_9Tll--. WIIDI-Y IMPORTANT GOA]. (WIG) A goal that mazes all the difference. True Goal / Priority #1 1. Only 1-3 W| Gs for the same team at the same time. 2. Sub-WlGs must ensure the success of the Parent-W| Gs. 3. Finish Line: From X toY by when. #2 Act On The E 1 Lead Measure - measures the goal - something ‘hat leads '0 the goal - something that we can influence - PREDICTIVE and INFLUENCEABLE #3 Keep A Compelling Scoreboard (mcnI. vvIsm. e1'on| en. Aven Jreuuslmmeoutetvrrwennewlnnlneomoosine (IIAVGTIIQRIGIITLEADAIIDLAGMGASIIRQS #4 Create A Cadence 1 of Accountability is where the real execution takes place E 20-minute weekly meeting to discuss progress §: do not discuss the whirlwind even though the fire is on ‘ the building! #4 Create A Cadence 1 of Accountability ( KGY QUGSTIOII: "What are the 1-3 most important things I can do this week to impact the scoreboard? " #4 Create A Cadence of Accountability — WIS IEETIIIG ( REPORT ON LAST WEEK'S COMMITMENTS ( REVIEW AND UPDATE SCOREBOARD — Is the Lead Measure moving? — Is the Lag Measure responding? J l/ AKE COMMITMENTS FOR NEXT WEEK "r; ‘&‘(1dI"'$/ ill/7/3 (5 $(’(’U£ #1? / rrrmbzess m oi‘/ if! ’ . /' . / A / boo/5/2» and a{o1»‘(>[bf)r': £ it fioforo flify om: (now J V. (t tft? n«5e[i. /rs. "

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