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Free seo-training-final


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Search Engine Optimization tackles the basic SEO process, how it's done and definition of terms to familiarize the students of the SEO as a skill.

You can find the videos in our Youtube channel, and our blogs at We also have a Facebook group that teaches new and aspiring Virtual Assistants or anyone who wants to earn from home but don't know where to start.

JOIN us at and let's have fun while learning the online business opportunities!

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Free seo-training-final

  1. 1. FREE SEO Starter Course Trainer: Kim Romarez SEO Professional Professional VA’s
  2. 2. Kim Romarez SEO Consultant @ Shopping Cart Elite Social Media Marketer Owner of
  3. 3. Kim Romarez Accomplished marketer and manager with proven ability to implement and develop marketing, branding, and messaging strategies and tactics that support business and financial objectives. 
  4. 4. Kim Romarez Created and managed successful marketing campaigns online and offline- for small business clients Consulted with and Coached individuals and independent consultants on inbound marketing and social media marketing Increased online traffic and conversions to qualified leads for professional services Successfully managed marketing campaigns 
  5. 5. Kim Romarez Specialties: Lead Generation Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Online Marketing/Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing Strategy Brand Positioning & Messaging Marketing Communications Public Relations Marketing Management Project Management 
  6. 6. What you will learn about Search Engine Optimization
  7. 7. Why SEO is In-Demand in the Online Industry?
  8. 8. How Much You Can Earn As SEO Professional? $20-25 minimum Up to $35-70 or more
  9. 9. What is Search Engine Optimization
  10. 10. Take SEO seriously Don’t Dabble
  11. 11. Anyone can do SEO!
  12. 12. SEO AND ROI
  13. 13. What is possible, and what is not possible with SEO
  14. 14. Onsite and offsite SEO
  15. 15. Different search engines
  16. 16. How search engines work
  17. 17. Robots, spiders and crawlers
  18. 18. Organic vs. paid search results
  19. 19. blog funneling
  20. 20. Many YouTube videos about SEO are wrong or out of date
  21. 21. Google keeps changing – Penguin and Panda
  22. 22. Panda-Over optimization hurts
  23. 23. Panda – over optimization; quality Penguin – Link spam; unnatural link pattern to your site (black hat) Hummingbird – keyword result
  24. 24. Page Rank – Point System
  25. 25. Page Rank – Point System Google – PR 9 Facebook – PR 9 Go Articles - PR 5 PR N/A - not allowed
  26. 26. Link Juice
  27. 27. WHY SEO
  28. 28. BASIC to ADVANCED SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  29. 29. SEO Starter Course Introduction to SEO (Video) LESSON 1: Types of SEO a. White Hat b. Black Hat A.On - Page Optimization Proper Site Structure Title Meta Tag Meta Description Proper URL
  30. 30. A.Off - Page Optimization Link Building How to Create and Manage a Link Building Campaign Managing Links on Your Web Site Social Media Link Building Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Link Building Campaign SEO Starter Course
  31. 31. Lesson 2: Keyword Research Use of the Google Keyword Planner Keyword Filtering Global Monthly Search filtering SEO Starter Course
  32. 32. Lesson 3: Google Analytics Overview of your website Bounce % Demography Traffic estimation Lesson 4: Web Audit Website Analysis SEO Starter Course
  33. 33. NOW… ARE YOU READY for the COST?
  34. 34. SEO TRAINING COST Basic $152 Advanced $152
  35. 35. TOTAL $304 24-36 HOURS TRAINING Mon-Wed- Fri 2 hrs each
  36. 36. Who Likes Discounts?
  37. 37. Few Things we Request : •Share the invite to as many groups and friends as possible •Ask your friends and family to like and share it, too! •Help us spread the word!
  38. 38. SEO TRAINING COST Basic & Advanced $152
  39. 39. 50% OFF!!! DEAL?
  40. 40. How To Enroll? Go to our website, www.professionalvas- Or email