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Published in: Design
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  1. 1. I have chosen to compare two magazines, both of which are relatively similar. I have chosen Harper’s Bazaar and Fabulous. I decided that the covers I would chose would all feature the same person, Kim Kardashian. I thought that using the same person would be more interesting as I would be able to compare and contrast the way each magazine portrayed Kim and in what way.
  2. 2. Harpers Bazaar
  3. 3. The magazine cover features several demanding words, such as ‘now’. This could imply that the target audience is middle class women who to them, money isn’t as big of an object therefore they can buy new, more expensive clothes and shoes more often. The caption ‘LOOK YOUNGER INSTANTLY’ shows how the magazine is aiming at older women who are in a bid to look some what younger. Again, the phrase ‘UPDATE YOUR LOOK’ is an aim to middle age women who feel as if they need to get with the fashion or update their look, possibly to look younger. The cover features Kim in a dress which compliments her figure but doesn’t reveal anything. This shows her off as a more lady of more class rather than a sex symbol. This is more appropriate to be seen on the shelves of a shop, such as a supermarket, as it isn’t revealing or degrading to women. Kim is smiling, rather than pouting, making it seem that she is genuinely happy to be there. It makes her seem more real-life and natural, rather than a model being there for a photo shoot. Although, her stance is rather posed, she looks more casual. The colour scheme of the issue is black and white on red which simple yet very effective. The more important the topic, the bigger and bolder the subheading/title, such as the magazine name and the caption ‘Big Fashion Issue’. Although the target audience is middle class women, the magazine does feature a small section for those whom are not of middle class. The caption reads ‘CHIC AT EVERY PRICE’, this could give ideas for those who want to look fashionable and wearing nice things but don’t want to or cannot afford to spend a lot of money.
  4. 4. The magazine article featured in Kim’s spread tells the readers all about Kim and what she's doing. It also includes a part about her upbringing. Although, her and her siblings had a privileged childhood, she claims her parents raised her until the age of 18 and then when the reached ‘adulthood’, they all had to fend for themselves. Harpers Bazaar may have included this to show the audience that even though she grew up in a world around expensive cars where money wasn’t an object, her parents still treat her like any parent would. This could be a bid from the magazine to those whom have a bad impression of Kim Kardashian to realize that she is a real person who does real person stuff. In the interview, Kim always speaks about her diet and her body. Just like a normal women, she has had struggles with her weight. Harpers bazaar may have added this so normal, everyday women can relate to her. A segment in the insert about Kim is where she speaks to actor Elizabeth Taylor, who she brands as her idol. This shows that just as any normal person does, Kim has an idol, someone she aspires to be like.
  5. 5. Fabulous magazine is the free magazine that comes with weekly British newspaper, The Sun on Sunday. Although, the newspaper itself target audience is middle aged men, the magazine focuses on younger female readers, the 15 plus range, featuring cover stars such as the Kardashian sisters, One Direction, The Wanted, Cara Delvigne and Justin Bieber in a bid to grab attention from those in their teens and early twenties. Every issue has a different cover star, usually one that has been in the news for something in the past weeks prior to their magazine appearance. The current readers information of the newspaper is 34.4% (2310000) ABC1 and 65.6% (4937000) C2DE. The Fabulous logo is very girly and feminine, due to it being pink. The title itself, is again very feminine, being called ‘Fabulous’, it is used in an italic font which highlights that the target audience is female.
  6. 6. The magazine cover features Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, both in black. The fact that the sisters are wearing black could represent a number of things, including power, classiness, sophistication, style, elegance, wealth and mystery. Kim is in a long, black, leg cut, sparkly dress; the glitter and sparkles on the dress could be associating Kim with sparkling jewels, such as a crown or possibly a diamond, both of which are important and classy. This could imply that the magazine are describing her as important and jewel-like. Kourtney on the other hand, is wearing a short, playsuit outfit. The outfit that she is wearing is plain, yet has various meshed cuttings. This could be symbolic as it represents authority over Kim, as Kourtney is older and it is suggesting that she has more dominance. It could also imply that Kourtney is sensitive and prefers to keep her life private, rather than going in to the detail in the public eye. Plain black also represents a sense of free-will and independence. The caption describing the girls, ‘Handbags at dawn!’, gives the audience a sense of a fight or a brawl. The fact that the caption says dawn and the background of the girls is at sundown may remind the readers of a classic, cowboy style hoedown. Another thing suggesting this, is that the cover picture is of the girls fighting over a handbag. The could imply that although the girls are close, they may feel slight competition towards each other to say who will effectively come out as the ‘top dog’ as such. The cover is simple, with only one picture and very little words. With this being the case, the audience is almost forced to focus on the sisters.
  7. 7. Fabulous has spelt the words crazy and cool with a ‘K’ rather than a ‘C’, the reason for this is due to girls first and last names beginning with a K. Similar to Harpers Bazaar, Fabulous magazine has included a quote in a possible bid to make the readers understand the sisters and realize that they can relate to the family. Another picture in the feature, which suggests some possible competition and family-rivalry, is this one. The girls, again at sundown, are having an arm wrestle. The magazine features a section on ‘body confidence’, the actual caption itself is in pink, to highlight that it is feminine. The word ‘body’ is in italics, which could be seen as girly and effeminate but the word ‘confidence’ is in capital letters, as if its shouting at you. Its as if it’s an instruction, like you MUST have confidence. This is a good thing putting it along with the Kardashian sisters as both of them are known for their bodies, Kourtney and how she lost her baby weight so fast and Kim for having a curvy body. Although Kim is seen to have an envious body, she is constantly under fire and getting pressured by the media for the way she looks; many females don’t have confidence with their bodies and putting it out there in such a almost vicious like way, could help people gain the confidence that everyone should have.