Today @ RI - Moodle Minutes 2


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Moodle Minutes #2 - Session two of our Moodle Minutes. A series of practical demonstrations on how to apply for and use the RI Moodle Delivery Platform.

Session Topics include:

RI Moodle Templates
Editing your Moodle Course
Adding content to your Moodle Course

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Today @ RI - Moodle Minutes 2

  1. 1. RI MoodleLearning Management System @ RI "Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself," a Chinese proverb says. The same can be said about technology in the classroom. If used properly, technology merely opens the door.* d * *Joe Rowe August 2005
  2. 2. Moodle Minutes 1> Moodle Servers> Development and Production Server> Editing your Profile> Demonstration and Resource Course> Course Templates> To view last week’s session:
  3. 3. Applying for a Moodle Course @ RI> RI Development Server htt //d l li it t f d
  4. 4. RI Moodle Course DevelopmentDocumentation> RI Moodle Policy and P M dl P li d Procedures d> RI Instructional Design Matrix> Instructional Design Guidelines> RI Quality Assurance Checklist> Link to apply for RI Moodle Course
  5. 5. RI Moodle Templates> Two column format
  6. 6. RI Moodle Templates> Two column format – Blocks on left – Editable Topic Areas – Blocks: – Course Facilitator – Student I f St d t Information ti – People – Online Users – Activities
  7. 7. RI Moodle Templates> Three column format
  8. 8. RI Moodle Templates> Three column format – Blocks on both sides content in centre – Bl k Blocks: – Course facilitator – People/Online Users/Messages – Student Info – RI Web Links – Latest News – Calendar/Upcoming Events
  9. 9. RI Moodle Templates> Accordion Format
  10. 10. What do I do First? – Request a Course – Quick Reference Guides – Step Three - Add content or edit content in a course – Moodle QRG: Compose a Web – Moodle QRG: Add images and files to your Moodle course – Moodle QRG: Create a link to a website – Moodle QRG: Add a document – Moodle QRG: Upload External Resources – Moodle QRG: Moodle Activities – Moodle QRG: Create a Poll – Moodle QRG: Assignments g – Moodle QRG: Forums – Moodle QRG: Blocks
  11. 11. Editing your Moodle Course> Turn Editing On
  12. 12. Editing your Moodle Course
  13. 13. Editing your Moodle Course> Let’s look at it live....>
  14. 14. Viewing as a Student> Switch Role to Student
  15. 15. Adding Content> Turn Editing On
  16. 16. Adding Content
  17. 17. What Resources Can I add?> Resource: Label – place instructions or information on the course (see example b l ) ( l below)> Resource: Web page – for instructions and information (includes formatting options)> Resource: Link to a file or website – links to internal files, or external websites for references/activities for students> IMS Package (content from TALE, Toolboxes etc)
  18. 18. What Activities Can I add?> Activity: Forum – For asynchronous communication and collaboration (when course members are not online at th same ti ) ll b ti ( h b t li t the time)> Activity: Choice – for getting group feedback via a poll> Activity: Assignments – for students to submit work teachers to work, mark work and post results> Activity: Quiz – setup an online activity with automatic marking and feedback f db k> Activity: Feedback – set up a survey to get feedback from students ( (RI has standard feedback activities included in course templates. p> Activity: Glossary – create your own or allow students to create one
  19. 19. Adding Activities and Resource> Let’s look at it live....>
  20. 20. Next Week….Moodle Minutes 3> Adding Labels> Composing a Web Page in Moodle> Composing a Text page