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Moodle minutes 4


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Moodle Minutes #4 - Session four of our Moodle Minutes. A series of practical demonstrations on how to apply for and use the RI Moodle Delivery Platform.

Session Topics include:
o Adding files and images to Moodle

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Moodle minutes 4

  1. 1. RI MoodleLearning Management System @ RI "Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself," a Chinese proverb says. The same can be said about technology in the classroom. If used properly, technology merely opens the door.* d * *Joe Rowe August 2005
  2. 2. Moodle Minutes 3….last week> Adding Labels> Adding Web Page> Adding Text Page> To view previous sessions – go to RI Resource Course p g –
  3. 3. Adding Images or Files to Moodle> Moodle File Repository – All images and files uploaded are stored in course repository – Files upload before adding to an activity or resource – Files uploaded “on the fly” while creating a resource on fly – Manage files: delete, rename, upload, create folders
  4. 4. How do I upload?Administration Block - Files
  5. 5. Upload a Single File1. Select Upload a File2. Select Browse to locate the file3. Select Upload this file
  6. 6. Upload a single file> Let’s look at it live....>
  7. 7. Create folders for files> Admin Block – Files> Select Make a folder> Type name of folder eg Unit number etc, then Create
  8. 8. Create a folder> Let’s look at it live....>
  9. 9. Upload Multiple filesTo upload multiple files you need to zip them.> Step 1: Using My Computer, Put your files to upload into one folder> Step 2: Zip the files, select folder, right click, send to..., compressed (zip file)> Step 3: Follow steps above to upload a file into Moodle> Step 4: After the zip file is uploaded in the Moodle File Repository select unzip next to the file to unpack the compressed folder
  10. 10. Upload Multiple Files> Let’s look at it live....>
  11. 11. Adding a document to Course> File directory in Administration block cannot be seen by students.> Files need to be added as a resource in content area
  12. 12. Link to file or web site
  13. 13. Link to file
  14. 14. Link to file
  15. 15. Link to file
  16. 16. Link to file> Let’s look at it live....>
  17. 17. Adding a file to existing contentTurn editing onClick on Update icon next to the resource or activitySelect the text (or type text) that names the document or shows link.
  18. 18. Link to file> Let’s look at it live....>
  19. 19. Help along the way....Clicking on the Question Marksgives you information aboutparticular parts of Moodle “objects”
  20. 20. Where to get more information.....> RI Resource Course: – – Resources and Development – RI Resource Course> What can I find there? – Quick Reference Guides – Recordings from Moodle Minutes – Policy and Procedure, Quality Assurance Checklist etc.
  21. 21. Next Session….Moodle Minutes 5> Term 3, Semester 2, 2009> HAVE A GREAT HOLIDAY ☺