Moodle minutes 3


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Moodle Minutes #3 - Session three of our Moodle Minutes. A series of practical demonstrations on how to apply for and use the RI Moodle Delivery Platform.

Session Topics include:
o Adding Labels
o Composing a Web page in Moodle
o Composing a Text page in Moodle

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Moodle minutes 3

  1. 1. RI MoodleLearning Management System @ RI "Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself," a Chinese proverb says. The same can be said about technology in the classroom. If used properly, technology merely opens the door.* d * *Joe Rowe August 2005
  2. 2. Moodle Minutes 2> Course Templates> Editing Moodle Course> Viewing as a Student> Types of Activities and Resources to add> To view previous sessions – go to RI Resource Course>
  3. 3. Editing your Moodle Course> Turn Editing On
  4. 4. Editing your Moodle Course
  5. 5. Editing your Moodle Course> Let’s look at it live....>
  6. 6. Adding Label> Labels are a little different from other resources because they are text and i d images th t are actually embedded di tl among the other that t ll b dd d directly th th activity links in the course page. – Turn Editing On
  7. 7. Adding Label
  8. 8. Adding Label
  9. 9. Editing your Moodle Course> Let’s look at it live....>
  10. 10. Adding Web page> HTML page – This sort of resource makes it easy to develop a complete single web page within Moodle, especially when you are using Moodles WYSIWYG HTML editor. – The page is stored in the database, not as a file, and you have a lot of freedom to do almost anything you like using HTML, including Javascript Javascript.
  11. 11. Adding Web page
  12. 12. Adding Web page
  13. 13. Adding Web pageGeneral Settings
  14. 14. Adding Web pageCompose a Web Page
  15. 15. Adding Web pageWindow Settings
  16. 16. Adding Web pageCommon Module Settings
  17. 17. Help along the way....Clicking on the Question Marksgives you information aboutparticular parts of Moodle “objects”
  18. 18. Adding Text page> Text page – This type of resource is a simple page written using plain text. – No formatting options – no wysiwig
  19. 19. Adding Text pageGeneral Settings
  20. 20. Adding Text pageCompose a Text Page
  21. 21. Adding Text pageOther Settings
  22. 22. Adding Web and Text Pages> Let’s look at it live....>
  23. 23. Next Week….Moodle Minutes 4> Adding Files and Images to Moodle> Course Layout – the back end!