October Insurance Agency Marketing Plan


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October insurance agency marketing plan from Mega Agency Marketing.

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October Insurance Agency Marketing Plan

  1. 1. October Insurance Agency Marketing Plan agencyupdates.com/october-insurance-agency-marketing-plan/ In September, I started a new series here at Mega Agency Marketing. I think marketing is easier when you have a plan. Less to think about and more to implement. So the first week of each month, I share a list of things you can do NOW to start marketing your agency and getting more quotes. Click the links on each for more detailed information. October Marketing Plan: October Annual Review Appointments - People have different ways of doing annual review appointments. You might schedule yours by renewal date or by last name. If doing last names, then October would be all clients starting with T, U, & V. Read all about annual reviews here. Email Newsletter - I LOVE email newsletters and I think you should too. Use them to communicate with clients, prospects, and share your referral rewards news. Learn how to use email newsletters effectively here. Social Media Posts - Social media is an easy way to build agency brand recognition in your local community. But it only works if you do it consistently. Every day! I can even do this for you. Check out my daily social media posts for only $1.00! Client Birthdays - Birthdays are a great time to market life insurance! And if you are a life agent or captive agent, you are probably looking at a looming deadline for life insurance sales. Check out this post for details on marketing life insurance on birthdays. Referral Rewards - Are you doing a monthly drawing? Don’t forget to snap a photo of your winner to include in your email newsletter and social media posts! Winback Campaign – You’ve got year end goals to hit and they’re coming up FAST. A winback is a prior client who has left and gone with another company. These clients already know you and your company. Maybe your rates have changed since they left. Or maybe they’ve had a crappy experience with their new company. Either way, they might want to come back! Run a list and start calling some every single day in October. A simple – “We want you back” message can do the trick! Create a marketing plan for Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year is coming up next month! What does that have to do with insurance? It’s all in how you market it! Get my Life Insurance Marketing Blueprint for only $27 and learn how to make life insurance a hot gift this holiday season. September Review: And no good marketing plan works without a solid review of what you’re already doing! Take an hour to look at all of your September reports. Where did most of your sales come from? Which staff member produced the most? How can you take what works and do MORE of it? Where do you stand on your year end goals? If you don’t have the systems in place to TRACK these things now, what better time then today to start getting them? We talk a lot about this in the Staff Sales Secrets Book if you need guidance. The last quarter of the year starts today. Don’t let it pass you by. Get motivated and make sales NOW. About Robyn
  2. 2. About Robyn Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in content creation for insurance agencies as well as consulting and training in insurance marketing. Get a copy of her free checklist "59 Ways To Attract All The Insurance Clients You Need" at http://agencyupdates.com.