Insurance Agency September Marketing Plan


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A simple easy-to-implement #insurance agency marketing plan for September! Check it out here!

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Insurance Agency September Marketing Plan

  1. 1. September Insurance Agency Marketing Plan New month means new marketing! I love September (and not just because it’s my birthday month). To me, September is the new January. It’s your second-chance of the year for a fresh start. January might be a new calendar year, but frequently people are a little burned out in January. You’ve just survived the holiday season and are trying to recover and get back to “normal.” But September is different. The weather gets a little more bearable (at least here in the South) and kids start a new school year. You pull out your fall clothes, grab a pumpkin spice latte, get serious about work, make new commitments, and focus on hitting your year-end goals. September means business! In keeping with this renewed energy feeling, I’ve decided to write my own version of an insurance agency marketing plan on the first week of each month. I’ll share ideas on where you can put your marketing focus and hopefully inspire you to take action! So let’s kick this off! And if you have any ideas to include, please share them in the comments below. Tweet Most of the items I’ve included have been talked about in detail in other posts, so I’ll just include the link to that post for reference sake. September Marketing Plan: September Annual Review Appointments – People have different ways of doing annual review appointments. You might schedule yours by renewal date or by last name. If doing last names, then September would be all clients starting with Q & R. Read all about annual reviews here. Email Newsletter – I LOVE email newsletters and I think you should too. Use them to communicate with clients, prospects, and share your referral rewards news. Learn how to use email newsletters effectively here. Social Media Posts – Social media is an easy way to build brand recognition in your local community. But it only works if you do it consistently. I can even do this for you. Check out my daily social media posts for only $1.00! Client Birthdays – Birthdays are a great time to market life insurance! And if you are a life agent or captive agent, you are probably looking at a looming deadline for life insurance sales. Check out this post for details on marketing life insurance on birthdays. Life Insurance Awareness Month – September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. Put all that great free marketing to use! Check out this post for flyers, videos, and more marketing materials. Referral Rewards – Are you doing a monthly drawing? Don’t forget to snap a photo of your winner to include in your email newsletter and social media posts! August Review: And no good marketing plan works without a solid review of what you’re already doing! Take an hour to look at all of your August reports. Where did most of your sales come from? Which staff member produced the most? How can you take what works and do MORE of it? Enjoy your Labor Day holiday and head back into the office tomorrow with a renewed energy for your agency and get
  2. 2. ready to make some stuff happen! Four months to go! About Robyn Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializes in content creation for insurance agencies as well as consulting and training in insurance marketing. Get a copy of her free checklist "59 Ways To Attract All The Insurance Clients You Need" at