What To Do When Everyone In Your Insurance Agency Only Wants To Talk To You


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How are you supposed to get any REAL work done when the phone in your agency won't stop ringing? Here are a few tips to escape the phone trap…

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What To Do When Everyone In Your Insurance Agency Only Wants To Talk To You

  1. 1. What To Do When Everyone Only Wants To Talk To You agencyupdates.com /what-to-do-when-everyone-only-wants-to-talk-to-you/ Robyn The phone rings. It’s for you. And then line two rings. And they want you too! Not to mention the stack of messages from earlier this morning… Most agents have experienced this problem. And if you haven’t, then it’s only a matter of time! A lot of you started out without any staff, so your clients got used to talking to you for everything. Endorsements, new coverage, billing questions, claims. You were it! But there comes a point in time where this just isn’t a smart use of your time. Then what? I always preach that you have to do what makes MONEY. If you are a sales rockstar, then you should be on the phone closing new clients, NOT answering billing questions. Here are a f ew ways t o creat e t his t ransit ion and keep your client s happy at t he same t ime: 1. Set t he expect at ion early. If you are closing sales, let them know from the very beginning that you have a talented and competent staff that will be handling customer service. Have your CSR take care of some of the final paperwork so they have an introduction, even if it is just through email. 2. Hire a gat ekeeper. If you answer the phone, you will get sucked into the service work. Avoid this as much as possible. If someone calls and asks for you, have you assistant simply say that you’re on the other line and ask what they need. A huge percentage of these calls can be stopped at this point and handled by your staff. 3. Do t he import ant work FIRST. Yes, sometimes you’re going to have to take client calls and answer questions. But the key is to do this AFTER you’ve done your most important money- making activities. When you get to the office DON’T check email or return messages. Be proactive and intentional about your work. Run quotes, do follow up calls, and take care of the stuff that only YOU can handle. Then put out the fires. If you start with the urgent stuff, you’ll find that it quickly fills your entire day and doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for you to get new business, network, or market. 4. Creat e a t eam of clones. Your staff can take care of a lot for you, but only if you teach them how to do it. That means a lot of coaching and training. Have them sit at your desk and listen to you call clients back. Never do an endorsement or answer a claims question without having at least one person listening in! They need to see how to do it right so they can take care of it the next time. If you use them as a personal secretary, only giving you messages, then you’ll never break free of the busy work. 5. St ay away (occasionally). If you absolutely can not avoid getting involved, then change your schedule. Work from home in the mornings a few days a week. Use that time to make calls and work on marketing materials. Get focused. Then head into the office once that work is done and be able to give all of your attention to your staff and client needs. ===================================================================================================== ******Don’t forget – tomorrow I’m hosting a FREE teleseminar on “4 Ways To Boost Insurance Sales & Ref errals Wit h Email.” Register here (or grab the recording after it’s over!) ”See” you there! ****** =====================================================================================================
  2. 2. About Robyn Robyn Sharp is an insurance marketing expert (and former agency owner). She specializ es in content creation for insurance agencies as well as consulting and training in insurance marketing. Get a copy of her free checklist "59 Ways To Attract All The Insurance Clients You Need" at http://agencyupdates.com.