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9 frame

  1. 1. 9 Frame AnalysisKaty Perry – Wide Awake By Robyn Painter
  2. 2. I chose both these close-up shot to symbolizes the difference between KatyPerry in this video. In the video Katy portrays to worlds, in the first one she isvery colorful and typical Katy wearing pink and has a wig on, but as she looksinto the mirror. The camera pans across and reveals the darker side to Katy,she now is more angry with her blue hair and paler completion. To me thisshows two different worlds that Katy wants to show us through this video,she has the real world were she is a a mega star but in her eyes when shelooks into the mirror she sees a world that she thinks she has, the darker sideto her being a mega star and all the set backs she has. The change in her facialexpression also shows this different persona that she portrays in the ‘mirror’world, in the ‘real’ would she looks more worried and scared, but in the‘mirror’ world we see that she is more angry and seems to be less venerablethan she does in the other photo. The contrast between the pink and thepurple also shows the 2 different people. Pink is more of a bright and calmingcolor, were as the purple is more dark and portrays her feelings on the inside.
  3. 3. This is an establishing shot of the world that Katy sees when she looks intothe mirror, it is a dark world with weeds growing but still there is a littleshining light upon the top showing that there is still hope in this evil world.We see the world as being a dark and dull place to live, this is the world thatKaty sees when she thinks she lives in when she looks in the mirror. There isalso a maze type feel to this world that we can see that we are at the start ofthe maze and if we want to get to the light at the end we have to go throughthe maze to get there, I think that this is a symbol that the light is ‘fame’ andthat the maze shows the struggle and journey that you have to go on to get towear you want to go. Katy had to go to through the maze to get to wear she isnow in her life, we can see that she is trying to show that the journey is hardand isnt a very nice one, due to the fact its dark and they are weeds growingout of the walls etc. but that little bit of light at the top of a hill shows thatthey is always a good outcome to your journey, and that bit of light showsthat the journey will be worth it.
  4. 4. In this part of the video we see Katy stood in a very narrow part of the maze,we see all the weeds and its still very dark, she is dressed almost like a witch,wearing a cape and still dressed in the dark clothing, the walls of the mazestart to close in on Katy but she doesn’t seam phased by this, still have thathard look on her face a small ball of light starts to appear at the bottom of herand goes up into her heart and pushs up through her hands to push the wallsout and stop them from closing in on her. This could symbolize the pressuresthat the ‘music industry’ puts on people and that in this world Katy wouldpush them away and break out of that life.
  5. 5. This is a imagine of another character that we see in the music video, to methis is the younger version of Katy Perry who start off in this world, this worldis more like a dream world and Katy was dreaming of being a famous singersince she was younger so this is the girl who started this dream/world off.Another reason why I thought that this would be a younger version of Katy,was the fact that the first time we see her is in the same way that we seenthe darker Katy in the video, it’s a close-up of her face with her eye browstogether in more of angry way, but she is also still young and innocent withher wearing pink, just like Katy in the real world does. She has also beenaffected by this dream world as she seams more angry at this moment in timejust lie the older darker Katy does.
  6. 6. This looks like the pair are connecting, and to me looks like a mirror imagineof the young Katy who would dream about a life were she would be a famoussinger and very successful and happy but this is the Katy that has come out ofthis dream world but them two connecting has opened up a new brighterpart of the world. The older Katy has recaptures her youth so to speak andgone back to the world she first though of when she was a child. The weedsare disappearing and there is a bright light shinning through but what alsolooks like little bits of dust coming though, this could show that they hasn’tbeen light in this world for a while and the reconnection of these twocharacters has added light into the world. We once again have a connectionto a mirror.
  7. 7. This again is another link to the mirror world but only in this image Katy isbreaking that mirror with the help of her younger self, and her showing Katythe world that she dreamed of isnt what she has created for her self so she isnow fighting back and is breaking down that wall between her lifes andmaking the life that she wants, this is the bad side to fame is now gonebecause she is back in control of her world. She has lost the dark outfit and iswearing more of a pale color with butterflys on her dress, this is another linkto her wanting to be free, the smashed glass turns into butterflys and linksinto the fact that butterflys can fly away but Katy can’t so she wants to be abutterfly. She can only break the glass with the help of her younger selfshowing that she needed support from who she used to be to turn into whoshe wants to be, with the help she could fight back against the evilphotographer and stand up for herself.
  8. 8. In the image we see that the fighting back took its tool on Katy and ended upgetting ill, could possibly of have to seek mental help as it looks like she is in amental institute but is still being helped by her younger self, her body seamslife less and has almost give up on trying to fight everything, she has astrawberry in her hand with adds a bit of color to the shot, this could standfor her still having a bit of hope to get better. To get out of the funk that Katyhas seamed to get her self into, her younger self stands up to the guards andbreaks the floor so that she can break Katy free and get her out of this placewere she doesn’t really need to be, young Katy was saving her self from beingtrapped before she got in to deep.
  9. 9. After all the troubles that they went through in the maze the girls have comeout at the bright end, younger Katy has guide her older self to this world thatis better for her and made her safe and out of the maze at the better end. Westill see the bad side to the maze in the background but we see the girls areout of the worst part of it and don’t/should look back they should now focuson the good. We also see the butterflys coming in with Katy, showing thatshe is finally free like the butterflys.
  10. 10. Even in the ‘good’ world we still have things that can trick, in this shot we seethe man is lying to Katy, he looks like the prince charming who has come totake her away and they will live happily ever after but really he is just thesame as every other man and will break her heart, but thanks to the youngerKaty she realizes and gets rid of him before he can break his heart. Katy hascome out of this a stronger person and now defends herself without the helpof her younger self. This shows that even in the good world there is still badthings but you don’t always have to go down that path you can save your selfbefore you get in to deep and cant get out.
  11. 11. This is now proof that this is the younger version of herself, and now she cango on and be herself and play on her bike like normal children should, she canbe a child before having to go through the maze herself.