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Digital storytelling in vocational education & training


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Slides and associated video links designed to for use in face to face workshops to introduce adult educators to the DST methodology. Note the slides contain links to 3 videos.

Published in: Education, Sports, Technology
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Digital storytelling in vocational education & training

  1. 1. Using digital stories to enhance learning & teaching
  2. 2. Communication ≠ text alone image: KK+
  3. 3. Digital stories combine digital images (still or video), a narrated ‘story’ or voice over, and sometimes music or sound effects into a ‘mini-movie’ that usually runs for around 2-3 minutes
  4. 4. Scissors by Daniel Meadows
  5. 5. Getting Seen Being Heard 1 - Digital Story telling by Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  6. 6. So how can the DST methodology be used in VET?
  7. 7. to instruct FlickR mage: visualpanic
  8. 8. to engage FlickR image: AMERICANVIRUS
  9. 9. to demonstrate achievement FlickR image: City College Norwich
  10. 10. to capture experiences & feelings FlickR image: jackdoc101
  11. 11. It’s easy! All you need: • Images – photos, screengrabs, scans, artwork, maps • Hardware – basic computer, headphone/mic • Software – PS3, iMovie, Premiere Elements etc or an online alternative such as Mixmoov • a script/ narrative • music or sound effects if you wish … and some inspiration! FlickR image by kraetzsche
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Image Acknowledgements CC FlickR image by KK+ CC FlickR image by AMERICANVIRUS CC Flickr image by visualpanic CC FlickR image by City College Norwich CC FlickR image by jackdoc101 CC FlickR image by kraetzsche
  14. 14. Video Acknowledgements ‘Create digital stories using Photostory 3’ by sparked ‘Scissors’ by Daniel Meadows Getting Seen Being Heard 1 - Digital Story telling by Joseph Rowntree Foundation
  15. 15. Robyn Jay 2010