Research intopotential target   audience Questionnaire
/=one person                  Questionnaire1. What would encourage you to purchase                                        ...
question one                                                      question two                                            ...
question three                                                      question four                                         ...
question five                                                    question six                                             ...
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Questionnaire and Readership profile


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Questionnaire and Readership profile

  1. 1. Research intopotential target audience Questionnaire
  2. 2. /=one person Questionnaire1. What would encourage you to purchase 4. What do you expect from a magazine front a magazine?-state one main point cover?-state one main point• //free things • ////Lots of colour• //Attractive main image • //mass of pictures• //learning aspect-eg to play the guitar • ////lots of cover lines telling you what is• ////mass of cover lines-showing you included within the magazine that there is a lot of information within the magazine 5. How much would you spend on a magazine? 0-1, 1-2,// 2-3,////// 3-4,// 4-5 (£)2. What kind of layout would you prefer? Busy with lots of cover lines or plain and simple. 6. Would you prefer to have a ongoing colour Busy////////, simple// scheme?3. What would you expect from a double • Yes////// page spread?-state one main point • No////• ////Interviews• ////A mass of pictures• //Reviews on albums
  3. 3. question one question two free things attractive main image busy layout learning simple layout aspect mass of cover linesFor question one of my questionnaire I asked ten people within my 17-24 age rangewhat encourages them to purchase a magazine. I wanted to find out the most vital For question two I asked whether a busy layoutaspect so I stated that I wanted them to state one point. As you can see from looking with lots of cover lines, pictures etc would attractat my pie chart, having a mass of cover lines on the front of the magazine is the most you more so to the magazine than a simple andpopular thing that draws somebody into looking and wanting to purchase the plain layout. Eight out of the ten people within mymagazine. Obviously showing people that there is good pieces of information within target audience said that a busy layout was whatthe magazine encourages them to buy the magazine as the contents is of a high they preferred. This is because the magazine fromstandard. I asked the four people that said that a mass of cover lines would encourage the front looks more busy, and creates thethem to buy the magazine; they said that they liked to know the main headlining impression that it has lots of worthy informationpieces of information within the magazine on the front cover, so they are aware within it. A simple layout they protested maystraight away. They also stated that having lots of information on the front drew them sometimes look “pretty” but it looks boring mostinto looking at the magazine more; because they feel that when they instantly look at of the time so having lots of for example coverthe magazine they are being offered a mass of information. Other aspects that the lines makes the magazine look more fun. On thepeople I questioned were that free things lure them into buying the magazine other hand, Two of my ten people to which I gaveespecially if it was advertised on the front, an attractive main image I was told was this questionnaire to said that they preferred thevital, as if the male or female looks attractive then you are more attractive to look at fresh and simple look, so they are able tothem and then see what the magazine has to offer-linking in with lots of cover lines to appreciate the main image. As a whole I think I willinform. Lastly a learning aspect was stated as a point to which encourages you to stick to a busy layout but also ensure that I am notpurchase a magazine. Possibly, due to the fact that the magazine is a music magazine I covering up practically all of the main image.should offer a page whereby you are able to learn some of the chords of the guitar.
  4. 4. question three question four interviews lots of colours mass of mass of pictures pictures reviews lots of cover linesFor question three I asked ten people within my target audience For question four in my questionnaire I asked; what do youwhat they expected from a double page spread. I wanted to find expect from a magazine front cover? I also stated that I wantedout the main and most important aspects so I stated that I only one point to be stated, in order to find the most importantwanted one point. Interviews and a mass of pictures came up on aspects of the front cover. Equally lots of colour and lots oftop, with four votes each, indicating that I must include these cover lines were the most popular. Indicating that for my frontthings especially. Having a mass of pictures with anything makes cover I must use a range of bright eye catching colours and also ait more interesting and exciting especially for a younger range of cover lines to attract a reader. Lastly two people fromgeneration of people. Interviews are also obviously a pull, as you the ten people stated that a mass of pictures on the front wouldare able to learn up close and personal things about your attract them to the front cover. Personally I prefer only havingfavourite artists. Furthermore two of the ten people within my one main image on the front cover, but I will take this point intotarget audience stated that reviews on albums is something they consideration and either will use a mass of pictures throughoutexpect on a double page spread. A mass of reviews is always the magazine or will try and include more pictures on the front.wanted so people are aware of other peoples views which would Looking at question one I can see many things lure people intoencourage them to either buy the album or not; people who are buying the magazine due to what the front cover looks like. If theunsure about whether they may want to buy it may rely on these front cover catches your attention and looks busy, attractive andreviews to help them cast a vote, therefore it is important to get interesting then it will encourage an observer to look moresomeone of the same age as my target audience to review detailed into the magazine and possibly purchase it.albums.
  5. 5. question five question six £0-£1 £1-£2 £2-£3 on going £3-£4 not on going £4-£5For my fifth question I asked ten people within my target For my sixth question I asked if they prefer a on goingaudience what price range they would pay for a magazine. £2- colour scheme to just random colours. Out of ten£3 is the most popular price that people feel comfortable people, six chose an on going colour scheme morepaying. No one said they would pay £0-£1 which is good, as it popular as it is more constant and organised, so I willshows there is still a market for magazines and people are try and keep to a repetitive colour scheme yet at thewilling to pay more than one pound to get out, which is good same time I must interoperate their want for a mass ofconsidering our current economy. Out of the ten people I gave colours as well on the front cover also (question four).the questionnaire to, two people said they would pay £1-£2 I Furthermore this question was very close as fourpersonally believe this is too cheap yet it may be a good idea to people out of the ten said they didn’t mind, and ashave the price of my magazine ranging between £1-£2 as my long as there were lots of eye catching colours theytarget audience is aimed at people who are possibly still would be happy.studying, either at college or university therefore they will nothave a lot of money. Furthermore, one person said they wouldalso pay £3-£4 but I think this is personally too high for thetarget audience I wish to aim my magazine at. Therefore rangingmy price range between £2-£3 would be the most suitable andrealistic price for my magazine especially when most peoplehave said they would be willing to pay that much.
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