Evaluation question five


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Evaluation question five

  1. 1. Evaluation Question Five How did you attract/address your audience?
  2. 2. Title The title Silk is a fairly ambiguous name, as it leaves a lot unsaid to the audience however holds so much meaning once the film has been watched. This simple and unusual Title will attract the audience towards the film as it is not predictable – unlike a lot of film’s nowadays who’s titles speak for themselves.
  3. 3. Character Introduction I do not introduce the face of my main character until the end of my opening sequence, this birds eye shot I feel is a very affective way to show the intimidating manner of the serial killer; introducing his face to the audience and confirming the formidable suspicions of whether his appearance will match his dark personality. This mystery will draw the audience is as they anticipate the introduction of the main character.
  4. 4. Clues Throughout the opening sequence I placed some clues for the audience to passively take in, for which their meaning will be revealed throughout the film. These clues address the audience and get them questioning their meaning and presence within the scene. This curiosity will get them to continue watching past this opening sequence and create a better revenue and feedback for my film.
  5. 5. Split Lifestyle Introducing the two sides to the main character from the outset will confuse the audience as to how they are to view him as an antagonist; this careful use of split scene to distinguish the alter-ego of our serial killer adds another dimension to my film. This information will keep the viewers intrigued - from my survey I have learnt that people prefer the antagonist to have an alter- ego, as it makes them more interesting as characters and allows me as a director to play around with him a little more.
  6. 6. Shots I have used a lot of different shots within my opening sequence, so that the screenplay is more enjoyable to watch. The interesting shots (for example the picture above shot through the staircase), will intrigue the audiences attention and keep them paying attention to my film. A lot of films play it safe whereas I want to show that I can use my skills and knowledge effectively to create a good and fluid opening sequence.
  7. 7. Genre Thrillers, I would say, are one of the most popular genre’s of today; and it is really hard to put your own stamp on a film when so many things have been tried and tested. I feel like my personal stamp is taking something which is used often in television series, and bringing this to the film front. Fetish’s and prostitution are both taboo subjects, with my film I am making them appropriate and highlighting their importance for recognition and consideration – even when combined with a larger storyline.