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Why internship arise roby dreams


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Internships are key to building experience as a student or recent graduate. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with internships and work experience rather than someone with a generic resume, lacking experience. ... It is important that you choose you internships based on your interests and career prospects.

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Why internship arise roby dreams

  1. 1. WHY INTERNSHIP??? A.ROBERT MARIA VINCENT Head – M.I.E.T Group Of Institutions 9894853480
  2. 2. WHO & HOW • “The expert in anything was once a beginner” Internship is a temporary position obtained by a college student(generally) at the work location(company or organization) which may or may not be paid for a duration of time.
  3. 3. Why Internships are important? • It gives you first-hand exposure of working in a company • It gives you an opportunity to learn more about your goals and expectations in your field of study • It helps you to build a healthy network of professionals which will help you in longer run • It helps to develop your resume and gives a belief to companies(during interview) that you could be a great asset to their company • It helps in your transition from working part-time to full-time job. • Note: Sometimes, companies hire their Interns if they are impressed by the work
  4. 4. Preparation before applying for Internship: • Have a clarity on the specifics of the type of internship. • Learn the art of writing resume and build a resume for yourself. • Make profiles on LinkedIn, Branchout, AngelList, Zerply, MeetUp and VisualCV to develop a professional presence online.
  5. 5. • Use your available resources like college network, family members, companies and employees to apply for an internship. • You should apply early for internships e.g., If you need a summer internship then you should start applying from month of January. • You should be accustomed to Professional English(written) and Professional English(spoken) so that it's easier for you to communicate with employees. • The most difficult job in the whole process is ‘finding an internship.’ So now, we’ll talk about some of the best websites in India where you’ll find enough internship opportunities for yourself: