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The ion which disturbs your life.ppsx pdf - arise dreams raabi


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The human mind is the most complex information processing system we know. It has all sorts of useful design features but also many glitches and weaknesses. The problem is, it doesn't come with a user's manual. You just have to plug and play.

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The ion which disturbs your life.ppsx pdf - arise dreams raabi

  1. 1. The ION which disturbs your LIFE “A sweet remedy” A.ROBERT MARIA VINCENT ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  2. 2. ANTICIPATION •The more your expectations it will lead you to day dreamer and put little efforts in your Goals. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  3. 3. PREDICTION •Don’t forecast what is going to be the result. Do your duties to your satisfaction and efforts. •And move to your next assignment ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  4. 4. VEXATION • Being upset for failure will never lead you to become a great achiever in life. • Try Try Try Until you succeed ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  5. 5. ABERRATION •Most of us in todays world are owed to this issue deviation. •Live in the present. •Live and think and try to lead a pragmatic life. •Horse have blinkers. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  6. 6. DEPRESSION • Everyone in this world have their own sorrows. • Life is like a Bow and arrow only when you are pulled backwards it can reach high to your expectations. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER