The art of selling to ladies


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Selling to lades is an art if one is successull in this arena definitely he will achieve greater heights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The art of selling to ladies

  2. 2. DEFINITION  If you’ve ever had a weird feeling in the pits of your stomach when the thought of talking to a very pretty woman for the first time comes into your mind then this short presentations for you.  Now I’m not going give you no quick fix solutions to turn you into a “women guru“ faster than a 60 second microwave burger as that won’t work. But what I will do is cut the “Bull” and share with you exactly my 5 Top Tips to ensure the smoothest flirting experience with minimal nervousness. Here they are....
  3. 3. THE ART OF FLIRTING: TIP 1 - CONFIDENCE IS KEY!  This is one is the most important as an under confident guy leads to below average results. Think about it for a sec, would you give a woman your time if you didn’t think that she at least herself thought she was good looking?  The key here is to practice every aspect of your body language to ensure that it looks as confident as it can be.  Don’t be too confident though as this can be portrayed as being cocky or arrogant and is a BIG no no, with the opposite sex.
  4. 4. THE ART OF FLIRTING: TIP 2 - THE POWER OF A SMILE !  This one is a peach! The reason this works is the same reason that a room full of laughing people would make you laugh, it’s a sort of instinctual, it’s in our nature.  Ever tried to smile at a women you like? If not try it, if she smiles back that’s a sure sign that she at least noticed you, which is a start.  This one is my favourite as you don’t even have to say a word and you may be able to tell from the outset whether you’re onto a winner or you may as well quit while you’re behind!
  5. 5. THE ART OF FLIRTING: TIP 3 - YOU MUST SHOW YOUR UNIQUE !  This is one of the biggest kept secrets that only the experts at talking with women implement.  Do you know how many men try to flirt with woman on a daily basis? Too many! Which is why you must be unique!  Think of something that makes you different to 1000 other men with similar intentions.  Women are sick and tired of the same lines day in day out and a bit of originality will go a long way, believe me.
  6. 6. THE ART OF FLIRTING: TIP 4 - BE GENUINE AND SINCERE!  One of the most annoying traits that most women would say turns them off from a man from the outset is a liar.  Do you really want her to like you for who you truly are or who you pretend to be?  Can I be honest, although this may work with some women in the beginning women soon see straight past the nonsense and it’s better to be true now then get caught being fake later.  Furthermore it’s actually easier to be yourself and talk to a woman from your perspective than pretend to be somebody else and talk from that perspective!
  7. 7. THE ART OF FLIRTING: TIP 5 - THE INSTANT COMEDIAN!  You wouldn’t believe how crucial it is to make a women laugh.  At the end of the day humour in any relationship is key to long term success.  Now don’t start telling knock knock jokes, as that tends not to work but just be open to any comedic opportunity around any subject that you find yourself talking about and then drop them in when appropriate.  My motto is if you can get a woman to “smile” you’ll be seeing her for a “while”!
  8. 8. FINAL WORD  I’m sure you get the idea that flirting is a vital aspect in the entire meeting and keeping women process, especially if you are looking for “keepers”.  Flirting with women is harder than most men think and almost all men, even those who have much practice, still get it terribly wrong when it matters.  Luckily I have found a revolutionary online resource that explains, in step by step details, everything you need to do and importantly not to do to meet, greet and keep a women!
  9. 9. JUST FOR FUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!