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Sixth sense arise roby


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Sixth sense a matter of question - what is that sixth sense just reasoning or thinking if so why does a bird doesnt clash when it flies towards a tree!!!!

----------- ARISE ROBY

Published in: Spiritual, Education, Technology
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Sixth sense arise roby

  1. 1. Sixth Sense Robert Maria Vincent ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  2. 2. The basics…  Sixth Sense allows people to use the internet without a screen or a keyboard  It can turn any surface into a touch screen  It is made with store-bought components  According to a number of sources, graduate students at MIT have been working on this for the past four months “day and night” ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  3. 3. Just a few things it can do…  “The device recognizes items in stores, and then gathers and projects information about products to the user. It also is able to provide quick signals to let users know what the best products are based on their needs.”  “Another amazing feature is the device’s ability to look at an airplane ticket and let the user know whether the flight is delayed or on time. It is also able to recognize books (based on an image or RFID) in a book store and then project reader reviews or author information from the Internet onto blank pages.”  “The device can also recognize articles in newspapers, retrieve the latest related stories or video from the Internet and then display them on pages for the user. Say goodbye to your dictionary and encyclopedia.” ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  4. 4. Cost of Sixth Sense The interesting thing here is that Sixth Sense can never really be more expensive than its individual components ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  5. 5. Purpose of Sixth Sense  I believe Sixth Sense’s purpose would be to allow K-12 students and teachers to interact with information on a level not experienced before  In my opinion, at least initially, its purpose would be to motivate…motivate…motivate ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  6. 6. Educational Use  Engagement  Research  Collaboration  Cost-effectiveness ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  7. 7. Engagement  Teachers may find that Sixth Sense, because of its unique ability to work with many of Gardner’s multiple intelligences, will be a catalyst for students who might otherwise remain unengaged in learning.  Sixth Sense uses the visual, kinesthetic, intrapersonal and interpersonal among others.  If this technology does nothing else, the idea that students can simply use their hands to draw images on walls and take pictures with their hands will be (at least initially) quite motivating ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  8. 8. Research  Sixth Sense will give new meaning to “looking something up.”  Since we are essentially talking about the internet, students will be given the opportunity to portably research the world.  They can all go on a virtual field trip and project the images on their own desks, for example. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  9. 9. Collaboration  Students will be given an opportunity through this technology to feel more connected to others.  Although there does seem to be the sense that individuals could walk through life wired and lonely, I like to think the classroom would serve as the environment in which students and teachers using Sixth Sense would want to share.  Not only could the sharing take place in the classroom, I suppose since the users are connected online, sharing could take place around the world. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  10. 10. Cost-effectiveness  As mentioned earlier, this product currently costs only $350. From an educator’s stand point, this is minimum given the amount of money spent on textbooks, computer labs and LCD projectors.  For educator’s, Sixth Sense would be a way to put technology (literally) into each student’s hands, because of its size and its cost. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  11. 11. Anticipated Time Frame  According to a number of sources, the MIT students already have a patent on Sixth Sense. Still it is unclear as to when this device might actually become available for general purchasing.  Microsoft Surface does currently exist (which is similar in theory). But Microsoft’s product is not portable like Sixth Sense  Even if it came out next week, as educators we may need to wait some time in order to learn of the dangers that are sure to exist with the product. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  12. 12. Advantages of Sixth Sense  Portable  Inexpensive  “Cool”  Multi-sensory  Connectedness between the world and information  Critical thinking skills would be somewhat vital here…allowing teachers a fantastic opportunity for interdisciplinary study with critical thinking components ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  13. 13. Future Implications  Students could become too wired…and the element of collaboration I envision might be completely erased by how the individual interacts  Availability of inappropriate information (how does this differ from current computer labs?....this information is literally at students’ fingertips.)  The technology will cost more because it is packaged and marketed…and they can charge more  What type of signal is needed..and might there be issues with getting signals in schools? ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  14. 14. Getting Started  My new thing is getting people to “play” with the technology  No pressure  Give them time  Allow students and teachers to play with this together  Offer support in the initial weeks/months of use  Let Opinion Leaders emerge from their experience  Start small! ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  15. 15. Relevant Issues from Rogers (2003)  Opinion Leaders are key  Consider the length of time of the innovation-decision period  Think about homophily and heterophily when planning Sixth Sense expansion in a second and third school/classroom  Realize that in most cases, “individuals depend mainly on the communicated experience of others much like themselves who have already adopted a new idea” (p. 331). My guinea pigs better be the right ones ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER