India's 10 most unexplored tourist spots - ARISE ROBY


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India's 10 most unexplored tourist spots - ARISE ROBY

  1. 1. India's 10 Most Unexplored Tourist Spots From Himalayas in the north to the Indian ocean in the south, India has an ample number of places that are still left unexplored and unheard of. The country is known for its scenic beauty and the perfect blend of exotic flora and fauna. There are several attractive places in India that offer superlative picturesque views that leave you with unforgettable experiences. Let's have a glimpse of some of the best unexplored destinations. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER Arise Roby
  2. 2. Majuli,Assam World's largest river island, Majuli is located in the beautiful state of Assam. Nestled in the banks of mighty Brahmaputra River, Majuli is known for its pristine landscape. This charming place is a cultural paradise. It is considered as one of the most beautiful places on earth where ancient Assamese culture is still a living custom. This picturesque place has become an attractive tourist spot in Assam and UNESCO has declared the place as a world heritage site. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  3. 3. Athirpally falls,Kerala Often known as the Niagara Falls of India, the majestic Athirapally Falls is located in Kerala, God's own country. Nestled in the Vazhachal forests of the Western Ghats, this magnificent water body became a famous tourist attraction. Athirapally waterfall symbolizes the serene yet wild beauty of the nature. It captivates tourist with the cool water spray that covers a large surrounding near the fall. This unspoiled scenic place is the perfect example of natural beauty. To experience the perfect match of flora and fauna, Athirapally Falls is the ideal place. This serene place offers breathtaking experience mainly for travelers who love the splendor of beautiful nature. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  4. 4. Tawana,Arunachal Pradesh • Tawang, the land of Monpas is one of the most beautiful hill stations in the district of Arunachal Pradesh, at an altitude of about 3500m. The tranquil hill station is known as the land of Monpas as the Monpa tribes are the major domination in this region. • The place is renowned for its serene environment and natural beauty. The hill station is encircled by Tibet in the northern side, Kameng in the east and Bhutan in the south-west. The place has Buddhist influence in its culture and lifestyle. • The place attains its beauty mostly during snowfall in the month of December and January. The major attractions are Tawang Galden Namgyal Lhaste also known as Tawang or Gompa Monastery, which is a 400 years old Mahayana Sect Buddhist Monastery in India and Pankang Teng Tso Lake. The place is also renowned for adventurous activities like rock climbing, ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  5. 5. Malvian,Maharashtra • Filled with fascinating forts and coastlines, the Malvan region is one the premiere places for a peaceful holiday to seep in history or to soak up the sun. Sindhudurg fort stands on a rocky island, known as Kurte, barely a km, from the Malavan is 510kms south of Mumbai and 130kms north of Goa. • It is one of the best preserved forts of the Marathas; the 48 acre Sindhudurg fort has a four kms long zigzag line of 9 metres high and 3 metres wide rampart with 42 bastions. The massive walls were designed to serve as a deterrent to approaching enemies and to the waves and tides of the Arabian Sea. Apart from the Fort, one can relax on the beaches of Tarkarli and Chiwla beach in Malwan region. These beaches are neat and clean and very less crowded. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  6. 6. Sandakphu,WEST BENGAL Sandakfu or Sandakphu is the trekker's paradise. It is the highest peak in the state of West Bengal, India. The Sandakphu is the culminating point of many trekking routes in the Darjeeling-Sikkim region. It is the highest point on the Singalila ridge that forms the border between Eastern Nepal and India. The peaks of Kanchanjanga and Everest can be seen from its summit. Sandakphu is resplendent with the ethereal beauty of magnolias, rhododendrons, primulas and other sub-alpine flowers. It also contains more than 600 varieties of orchids. The temperature swings from -20 C (including wind chill factor) in winter to +15C in summer. Sandakphu gets snowfall in late December to early February. Ideal place for adventurous travelers and the untouched beauty of the location makes it one of the most magnificent places on earth. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  7. 7. TARKARLI,MAHARSHTRA Tarkarli in Sindhudurg is an awesome beach in costal Maharashtra. The wide and narrow stretches of beach with calm and clear waters are the most appealing. The two famous sea forts are Sindhudurg and Padmagarh. Other striking places are like Rock garden, Malvan Market and Sangam. The water adventures in Tarkarli are Snorkeling, Scuba diving and Boating. The best place to stay in Tarkarli beach is the MTDC resort which includes 20 cottages facing the beach. Well connected roads are there from Mumbai to reach Tarkarli. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  8. 8. Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh Most sparsely populated region, Lahaul and Spiti in Himachal Pradesh is located in the southern side of Ladakh. The surrounding snowline, climate, sky-touching mountain ranges, Buddhist monasteries and outstanding scenic beauty have made this place peaceful and truly majestic. The common way to travel to Lahual is through 'Rohtang La' mountain Pass from Manali and to visit Spiti valley, you have to go from Lahual via 'Kunzum Pass', a 4551 metres high mountain Pass. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  9. 9. Auroville,Pondicherry Auroville is a small 'experimental' township located near Pondicherry. One of the beautiful Indian territory, Pondicherry is a sought after tourist destination in South India. This place has the perfect blend of French and Indian culture. Some of the attractions in Auroville are gold-plated Matrimandir and the Auroville Beach. However, Auroville was established in the year 1968 by Mirra Alfassa widely known as "The Mother". This tranquil place was originally a vision of The Mother from Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry. "Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity," as stated in Alfassa's first public message. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  10. 10. Gokarna Located: Karnataka Gokarna, with its blue seas and clean sands, coconut palms andpristine quaint beaches is perfect for an idyllic vacation by the sea. Gokarna is located in North Karnataka. A pleasant surprise is the beach which resembles 'Om', the Sanskrit symbol for the invocation that is believed to have created the universe. Gokarna is pretty much a round-the-year destination, although you'd be well advised to avoid it during the monsoon. Also in the Northern part of Karnataka, on a thin strip of tropical sand lies Karwar, bound by the Western Ghats on its eastern side and embraced by the Arabian Sea on the west. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  11. 11. Lepchajagat Located: West Bengal Lepchajagat Located: West Bengal • Lepchajagat is located on a hill covered with Oaks forests and beautiful rhododendron. It is situated on Ghoom-Mirik road at the Sukhipokhri near Darjeeling. This place has an astonishing exquisiteness that is difficult to get over. The curious play of colors in the sky strikes you straight away. Partly black and white clouds drift from one hill to another. The other places close by that are not to be missed include Jorepokri, Mirik and Pashupati. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER