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Entrepreneurial lessons michael jordan - ARISE ROBY


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Entrepreneurs have stay calm for success.The each step and breathe are waiting for a combination of success and failure.Set up their minds to overcome failure.
Arise Robism

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Entrepreneurial lessons michael jordan - ARISE ROBY

  2. 2. It’s About Knowing Where You’re Going An entrepreneur must have a clear path which he has to take towards his destination. Since you have taken the challenge of starting a venture, things will change along the way.There can be time when you need to pivot or implement a different solution from what you had initially thought. In spite of these things, you need to stick to a clear vision and problem that your startup is trying to solve. And after succeeding, the road to where you’re going may look a lot different than it did when you first started. Never forget where you are going as an entrepreneur with your company. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  3. 3. Don’t Forget Where You Came From This wise saying is as applicable in your life as much in your entrepreneurial venture. It is true that entrepreneurs’vision is more than just money, but money can often change people and make them forget their humble beginnings. Don’t ever forget that burning desire you had the first day you started. Never forget your family and your close friends that were there before you started upon. If you are able to harness this then no money or fame can ever change you. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  4. 4. HAVE THE COURAGE TO FAIL The courage to face failure bravely makes you stronger. The concept of failure is a little misunderstood. They say that, “it’s okay to fail”, but in actuality you shouldn’t let your startup as a whole fail. Startup ventures are a mixture of victories and failures. You must embrace these failures so that you can learn and adapt better. You learn what went wrong, what’s bad, and how to prevent it from happening again. You build up a resistance to that specific instance of failure. • ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  5. 5. Don’t Break When Broken Starting a company is like a roller- coaster ride. Like a sine wave curve there are crests and troughs. While facing downfall, you will feel broken inside. You will intensely feel that it is time to give up. Thoughts like quitting yourself, selling the company, taking a weak deal, or even calling it quits on a smaller scale will flood your mind. But NEVER GIVE UP YOURSELF to these thoughts. For the most part, something that makes you feel broken should not break you. The true also holds same for the opposite. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  6. 6. Take Everything Given To You And Make Something Better Society is all about progression, especially in technology and software. The greatest technologies take the fundamentals of what already exists in some form, but improves them with the new pieces that have evolved. As an entrepreneur you will frequently find new tools and innovations brought into the open by other entrepreneurs. Take every single significant thing you can find and install in to your product to make something much better. We literally get nowhere with contentment, but get everywhere with advancement. Don’t change the game, evolve the game. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  7. 7. WORK BEFORE GLORY The best entrepreneurs are modest and don’t really care about the glory. The most important lesson you can learn is to keep a level head and be humble. Don’t think about the next press article that gets published about your company as in the long run there will be too many of them that it won’t even matter. Your focus should be on the work you do instead of the side benefit of glory. Your work will live on forever, but the glory will fade away when the next acquisition or rumor pops up. Legends are products of their work, NOT their glory. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  8. 8. DO WHAT THEY SAY YOU CAN’T Many people who are not even strangers, but close friends and family members will tell you that it can’t be done or that it is too crazy. They will tell you that it can’t be built or you won’t be able to accomplish a small goal. The only way to prove them wrong is to do it. The competitive nature of entrepreneurship is a fun one. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  9. 9. It’s Not About The Tech, It’s About What You Do With It • The tools and technology that is available to entrepreneurs just keeps on mounting. Whether it’s social, HTML5, geolocation, node.js, cloud services, or whatever else, that’s not what this is about. • Those tools by themselves are cool, but not that useful. The technology tools are like an artist’s paint brush or a baseball players bat. It’s about what you decide to create with those tools. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  10. 10. BE SCARED OF WHAT YOU WONT BECOME Entrepreneurs have a very big and long term vision. You as an entrepreneur must keep in mind that it you won’t reach there now, but over time you eventually will. You must look at decisions as if they might compromise what you could become. If you take the easy route and make the wrong decision, you will not become what you should be. That should completely scare you. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  11. 11. Make Others Scared of What You Could Become • Your vision should be so mind numbingly ambitious and huge, that it scares Google or other big companies, if they ever thought of entering your market. Today you might be something small, but if you play your cards right, what you end up becoming is scary. The really smart entrepreneurs aren’t scared of the bigger guys as much as they are of the smaller, more agile startups that COULD BECOME who they are now. At some point, everyone was no one. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  12. 12. DON’T FINISH WHERE YOU BEGAN Startups are all about momentum and forward moving progress. Every task, project, or new feature should be able to take you forward. It might even be okay if it took you backwards, as the journey backwards is still a journey. Spending a ton of time on something and just ending up where you began is something you should avoid as an entrepreneur. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  13. 13. Know What Is Within You, Even If Others Can’t See It It is very unfortunate that people in startup industry disregard others that aren’t in crowd or are very visible. They look at who an entrepreneur is now, but not at the true future potential of who that person will become. Jason keeps his number on his blog public. He believes that you never know who you might meet. They might not be somebody now, but over time they might become somebody legendary. If you can help them get there, it benefits everyone involved. By helping others, you eventually start to develop pattern recognition for finding great talent, which is a key component of being a leader. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER