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Big question mark engineers - employment - ariserobydreams - pdf


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Talent crunch - The International Labour Organisation (ILO), in a report, has projected unemployment in India at 18.6 million for 2018, higher than the 18.3 million in 2017. The World Bank (WB), in a report, has warned India -- a nation of 1.32 billion people must create 8.1 million jobs a year to maintain its employment rate.

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Big question mark engineers - employment - ariserobydreams - pdf

  1. 1. Where to tune & bring a BRIGH FUTURE A.ROBERT MARIA VINCENT Founder & Head Arise Training & Research Center ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  2. 2. HARD SKILLS & SOFT SKILLS • SOFT SKILLS are those which involve interpersonal matters, such as leadership and communication. • HARD SKILLS such as computer modeling or a working knowledge of chemistry, A.I. & IOT which are specific to your branch of engineering and are technical in nature. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  3. 3. COMPUTER MODELING Predict & Prosecute problems • Computer modeling is the creation and use of computer models to run simulations of complex systems. • While modeling is not unique to engineering, it has become a critical component of many types of engineering. • Computer models can be used to predict anything from how quickly a planned stadium might be evacuated in an emergency to how a power plant might behave if a critical component fails. • Not all engineers need the programming expertise to build models, but you will need to understand how models work so that you know what kinds of problems can be simulated and what the simulations mean for your project. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  4. 4. FOCUS & PROJECT to Projects • Projects in engineering are extraordinarily complex and involve dozens, if not hundreds, of people. • A small mistake at any point during planning, development, or construction can result in failure. • A failed project not only loses money but injure or even kill people. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  5. 5. How to overcome these hurdles INTERNSHIP followed by your PROJECT etc. ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  6. 6. But unfortunately how students take up their Industrial Visit,Inplant Training & Internship ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  7. 7. Reports Submission • They should be urged to submit the report on a specified format the day the students return back to college. • Give them sharp DEADLINES • Tune their mind to CORPORATE CULTURE ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  8. 8. SOFT SKILLS •Communication •Leadership •Team work •Creativity •Decision Making ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER
  9. 9. Resume speaks a lot ARISE TRAINING & RESEARCH CENTER