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Aa how to get your dream job job portal #arise roby m.i.e.t. placement 111


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Talking about your dream job is a great way to give the interviewer a sense of how your goals align with those of the company you'd like to work for.

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Aa how to get your dream job job portal #arise roby m.i.e.t. placement 111

  1. 1. How to get your Dream Job?
  2. 2. Rule :1 • Make the resume on job portal website(like Jobs - Recruitment - Job Search - Employment - Job Vacancies -, Jobs in India, Career Jobs, Fresher Jobs & Vacancies, etc.) and update it on daily basis.
  3. 3. Rule :2 • This will keep your resume highlighted in recent resumes. • If possible, try to update the resume in between 9am to 10am because most of HR managers reach office at 10AM and this may increase the chance that they can see your resume, as it'll highlight in recent resumes.
  4. 4. Rule:3 • Only resume uploading is not enough..You need to complete your profile in job portals to get noticed by recruiters.
  5. 5. Rule :4 All Contact details are Correct • Make sure your contact details are correct and most important is make sure that your resume headline ,Job Summary , Key Skills contains relevant keywords .
  6. 6. Rule :5 BUZZ WORDS • Check your resume to see if you have included all the buzz words related to your industry and technology skills / specializations in your resume. • Most of the times, recruiters use these keywords to custom search for relevant resumes.
  7. 7. Rule :6 UPDATE FREQUENTLY •Always be active on the job portals and update your resume / details frequently. Recruiters have the option to search for resume uploaded / updated over last 3 months / 1 month etc., which they use to seek for active job seekers.
  8. 8. • Job boards offer huge candidate pools. Job portals are not just a place where employers post their job vacancies. Candidates upload their resumes so that recruiters can easily find them. A resume database works well for people who aren’t actively looking for a job but who are open to new opportunities. Rule :7
  9. 9. • Reduce screening time. When recruiters post a job ad, they get the chance to determine requirements and exclusion factors. This way, only matching profiles reach their inbox. Instead of looking through piles of resumes to discover qualified candidates, recruiters evaluate resumes that meet their minimum requirements. Rule :8
  10. 10. Rule :9 • Meet job seekers half-way. Job boards offer candidates and recruiters the same opportunities to find each other. Recruiters receive qualified resumes and candidates get notified about job openings that match their preferences. Automatic notifications make the resume search easier, for everybody.
  11. 11. • Choose the right keywords. Keep in mind that job seekers mightn’t search in every job board you’re posting on. Sometimes, it’s easier for them to just Google the role they’re interested in. Use keywords that people are more likely to search for: A ‘sales superstar‘ may sound exciting, but it won’t appear in a job seeker’s results for ‘sales executive’or ‘sales associate.’ Rule :10
  12. 12. Personality Matters: • Show some personality. Achievers tend to be interesting people, and if the hirer thinks you are interesting, he’s more likely to want to meet you in an interview. That doesn’t mean you should describe your tattoos or love of fondue. Keep it professional. However, it can be useful to mention interesting volunteer activities and hobbies that demonstrate skills relevant to the job (creativity, determination, initiative). Rule :11