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A confession and penence all religious truths - arise raabi dreams


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The emphasis of the Hindu texts is on inner correction through penance, rather than imposed punishment. It is tied to the karma doctrine. Prāyaścittas, that is penance to self correct, are considered part of dharma.Image result for penance in christianity
In the Catholic Church, the sacrament of penance (also called reconciliation, forgiveness, confession and conversion) is one of the two sacraments of healing: Jesus Christ has willed that by this means the Church should continue, in the power of the Holy Spirit, his work of healing and salvation.

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A confession and penence all religious truths - arise raabi dreams

  1. 1. Confession & Penance A.ROBERT MARIA VINCENT Founder & Head Arise Training & Research Center
  2. 2. Ravana and Penance • It was Ravana and his brother Kumbhakarana, who performed penance, got miraculous powers from Lord Brahma and drove out Kuber to occupy the golden kingdom of Lanka.
  3. 3. Buddha • For he who acknowledges his transgression as such and confesses it for betterment in future, will grow in the noble discipline.“ • Acknowledge • Forgive yourself • Learn
  4. 4. Why Rama did Penance after killing Ravana? • Ravana having 10 heads which would have evil mind in different forms ego, jealousy etc but one head which was Generosity, Lord Shiva's prominent Bakthas that was killed Having that in mind Rama did penance.
  5. 5. Thirty-five Confession Buddhas Shakyamuni Thoroughly Conquered with Vajra Essence Radiant Jewel King, Lord of the Nagas Army of Heroes Delighted Hero Jewel Fire Jewel Moonlight
  6. 6. Meaningful Vision Jewel Moon Stainless One Glorious Giving Pure One Giving of Purity
  7. 7. Glorious Flower Pure Light Rays Clearly Knowing by Play Lotus light Rays Clearly knowing by Play Glorious Wealth Glorious Mindfulness Renowned Glorious Name King of the Victory Banner that Crowns the Sovereign
  8. 8. Water God Deity of the Water Gods Glorious Goodness Glorious Sandalwood Infinite Splendour Glorious Light Sorrowless Glory Son of Non-craving
  9. 9. Glorious One Who Fully Subdues Utterly Victorious in Battle Glorious Transcendence Through Subduing Glorious Manifestations Illuminating All Jewel Lotus who Subdues All All-subduing Jewel Lotus, Arhat, Perfectly Completed Buddha, King of the Lord of the Mountains Firmly Seated on Jewel and Lotus