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Don't be a Mayfly - and other mobile revenue insight


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How do the successful companies build revenue in mobile? For most, this won't happen and for good reason - they are chasing the wrong goal. This presentation gives insight into how the companies that have been able to find the mobile revenue sweet spot did it. Whether you are building new business models or trying to extend your existing company into the mobile world, this presentation highlights the metrics you should be focused on in order to succeed.

Nothing lasts forever - especially when it comes to mobile revenue - but it is your duty to extract as much of it as possible in the time you have. In this talk you'll hear about the most prominent sources of revenue and learn ways to increase your lead conversion, user retention and revenue lifecycle for your app.

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Don't be a Mayfly - and other mobile revenue insight

  1. 1. DON’T BE A MAY FLY and other mobile revenue insight
  2. 2. @robwoodbridge do it
  3. 3. seeks day 3
  4. 4. seeks immortality
  5. 5. SEEKS THE next 4 hr concert
  7. 7. 2,000,000 apps
  8. 8. We check this thing 150 41 times per day apps
  9. 9. we install 41 apps on average
  10. 10. but we use 6 apps regularly
  11. 11. fucking
  12. 12. Biggest opportunity...ever
  13. 13. but...
  14. 14. fucking
  15. 15. KEVIN CHENG founder of DON.NA personal assistant app ON REVENUE 1. When the service is at a point that the value is obvious to the user 2. When the user relies enough on the service and that removing it would be painful 3. When the company’s roadmap of features is complete Based on episode #470: Putting context and Donna Moss in your pocket – with Donna co-founder Kevin Cheng
  16. 16. 1-3 days you are (probably) here
  17. 17. why?
  19. 19. KEITH TEARE founder of mobile social network ON GAINING 5000 USERS FOR HIS APP “It would cost me about $1,000,000 to get 5000 users for our app on iOS and $10,000,000 to get the same on Android.”
  20. 20. THE M-REVENUE EQUATION ADU (or AMU) = UTiA = $ * * Average Daily Users ** Average Monthly Users *** User Time in App ** ***
  21. 21. Mobile is the new smoking
  22. 22. MOST PROMINENT REVENUE MODELS 1. Advertising 2. Freemium 3. Premium 4. Data
  23. 23. CREE LAWSON This episode will be live October 24, 2013
  24. 24. BRIAN WONG To see more about KIIP, watch episode #468 on
  25. 25. To see more about Evernote, watch episode #458 on 65 million users + $251 million raised 3.5% conversion rate 96.5% will NEVER pay
  26. 26. JACQUELine THONG See more about UBIQI HEALTH on episode #423
  27. 27. Build a great product that people want to use
  28. 28. Apps are deliberate revenue channels
  29. 29. Focus on elongating the life of your app - be the oldest Mayfly
  30. 30. Downloads are bullshit
  31. 31. Thank you! visit for a free white paper on increasing mobile revenue